School Fees

Step 2:

Pay SCHOOL FEES online through RevTrak!

*Please note there will be NO PTO Fee's to pay this year! If you have any questions, please reach out to the Sandburg PTO.*

~Fee's will be available to pay on July 9th at Noon~

Parents can pay for School Fee's & for a yearbook- an optional fee -online through RevTrak. To acces the RevTrak site, click here. Directions on how to make payments can be found by accessing this document.  Please read the RevTrak FAQ if you have any questions about paying online!

Parents must have an active Parent Portal Account to make these payments. If you have not completed your annual family check in for your Parent Portal, please go back and complete Step 1 - Annual Family Check-in! 

2018-2019 Fees:

Kindergarten --- $38.50 per student
(Class fees $10.50, Classroom magazine $11.00, Field trips $17.00)

1st Grade --- $33.50 per student
(Class fee $10.50, Classroom magazines $7.00, Field trips $16.00)

2nd Grade --- $36.50 per student
(Class fees $10.50, Classroom magazines $5.00, Field trips $21.00)

3rd Grade --- $73.00 per student
(Class fees $10.00, Classroom magazines $14.00, Field trips $49.00)

4th Grade --- $81.00 per student
(Class fees $10.00, Classroom magazines $14.00, Field trips $57.00)

5th Grade --- $58.00 per student
(Class fees $10.00, Classroom magazines $14.00, Field trips $34.00)

Class fees includes: Friday folders, copy paper, Kdg-2nd book bags, and 3rd-5th day planners
Classroom magazine includes:   Scholastic Weekly Reader and /or NatGeo for Kids

Yearbook (optional fee) - $16.50

Got Questions regarding School Fee's?? 

** Please contact Jen Muller at jmuller[at][dot]us or 303-347-4675. Please note the office will be closed Monday, June 11th - Tuesday, July 31st. **

Prefer to pay by cash or check at Open House?

If you wish to pay your School Fees and yearbook fee-(optional fee) in person instead of online, you may bring cash or check to the Open House on August 16 from 2-4 pm.  If paying School Fees at the open house, please click HERE to download the form, print it off, fill it out, and bring it along with your payment. If paying via check, please make your check payable to Sandburg Elementary