Welcome to the Literacy Program at Sandburg.  In this program, our elementary students meet in small groups to learn and practice reading strategies that increase fluency and comprehension.  We work closely with the students' classroom teachers to ensure that the students are receiving reading instruction and support both in their classrooms and with a Literacy Specialist.

Jill Kates, Literacy Specialist

Tips for Parents - High Frequency Words

It is very important that children be able to recognize High Frequency Words quickly in order to read more fluently. High Frequency Words are words that connect meaningful words in stories together. They are difficult to figure out by looking at letter/sound relationships, therefore they need to be memorized.
I suggest you begin by printing out this list and cutting up the words. Then find out which ones your child knows. Choose only two or three new ones to work on at a time. First, work with ones that are not similar (all, with). After he/she knows them, put ones that are similar together (with, what).  Have your child tell you how they are alike and how they are different. Ask your child to locate them in the books he/she brings home. Ask him/her to write the words (make it fun with shaving cream or in a tray of cornmeal). Print two sets of the word cards so that you can play games like Go Fish and Concentration. Please go only as quickly as your child can learn the words. It is more important that some are learned well rather than trying to work with all of them. We want them to be known automatically.
Have fun!