Staff Roster

Grade Levels

     Mrs. Davis
     Mrs. Hooper     
     Mrs. Colter
     Mrs. Weeber
     KED - Kindergarten Extended Day
     Mrs. Hercher - Kindergarten Aide

First Grade
     Mrs. Hartzell
     Ms. Grillo
     Mrs. Colter
     Mrs. Salazar

Second Grade
     Mrs. Gaiser
     Ms. Fair
     Mrs. Colter
     Mrs. Jeppesen
     Mrs. Salazar

Third Grade
     Mrs. Cox
     Mrs. Graziano
     Mrs. Jeppesen
     Mrs. Salazar

Fourth Grade
     Mrs. Gossack
     Ms. Van Goethem
     Mrs. Jeppesen
     Mrs. Salazar

Fifth Grade
     Mrs. Ling
     Mrs. Roos
     Mrs. Jeppesen
     Mrs. Salazar

Middle School English

Middle School Math

Middle School Science


Middle School Social Studies

Support Services

Gifted and Talented

SEBAC:  Social Emotional Behavioral Academic Consultant

Resource Department


     Mrs. Russell  mrussell[at][dot]us

Vice Principal
     Mrs. Nilsson  rnilsson[at][dot]us

Business Manager
     Mrs. Rice   jrice[at][dot]us

Office Staff

Records Manager
     Mrs. Childers  kchilders[at][dot]us

Coordinator of Support Services
     Mrs. Johnson  jmjohnson[at][dot]us

Staff Favorite Things

We have such a kind community and we appreciate how much you appreciate the staff here.

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