Weather Delay & Closures

Inclement weather or emergencies could cause school closures, delayed start, or early dismissal.


Littleton Academy will follow all Littleton Public School District CLOSURES. 


All grade levels at Littleton Academy will follow the Littleton Public Schools ELEMENTARY 60-minute weather delay.

  • Doors will open at 9:00 a.m. 
  • Roll will be called at 9:15 a.m.

Afternoon kindergarten will stay on the regular schedule.

SACC program will still begin at 6:30 a.m., but all before-school activities will be canceled.


Littleton Academy will follow the Early Elementary Dismissal Schedule for students at ALL grade levels..

  • Please remember that children may be released only to those people whose names are on the dismissal form, the emergency contacts in the Infinite Campus Portal, or who have written permission from the parent/guardian.
  • All after-school activities will be canceled.                                    

In case of emergency or severe weather conditions:

In case of an emergency or severe weather conditions, please check for a prominent announcement in a red or yellow banner across the top regarding changes in school schedules. If there is no red or yellow banner, all schools are on Normal schedule. Most Denver news stations announce these changes, as well. The district may also send an email to all LPS families when school schedule changes occur. Families are encouraged to keep their contact information and contact preferences in their Infinite CampusParent Portal account updated.

NOTE: No LPS school will be occupied for more than eight hours without electrical power. If power is lost at a school, and it is too late to announce a closure, the school will be evacuated within eight hours, per the early dismissal procedures below.

School Closure
When all LPS schools are closed:

  • All LPS schools are closed, including preschools and before- and after-school childcare.
  • All programs, activities, and athletic events/ practices are cancelled for the day and evening.
  • All LPS facilities, including the Education Services Center and Transportation, are closed.