Why LPS Driver Ed?

Safety: According to the State of Colorado, teen drivers represent fewer than 6% of Colorado's licensed drivers, but account for more than 11% of all traffic deaths in the state. Over 30% of teens are involved in at least one accident during their first year of driving.  

Teenagers Who Take Driver Education:

  • Get fewer tickets.
  • Are more likely to wear their seatbelts.
  • Are less likely to drink and drive.

Professional Instruction: Driver Education helps the parent teach the student a difficult skill that is necessary for everyday life.

Licensing Sooner: A student who takes an approved program can obtain a Learners Permit at age 15 years, and get a license at 16 years, instead of waiting until 16 years to get a permit.

Insurance Reduction: Many of the insurance companies in Colorado offer a reduction for students who have taken Driver Education. Contact your agent.

Why take Driver Education from Littleton Public Schools?

Quality Instruction: All instructors in the LPS program have teaching degrees plus specific course work in Driver Education.

Consistent Program: The LPS program has been available to students of this district since 1957. We are in our third generation of students.

Convenience: A student may choose to take the class after school, on Saturdays, in the summer or online and still receive the same quality program.

Credit: Littleton Public Schools students receive .25 credit hours of “elective credit” towards graduation.