How soon can my student take driver education?

In Colorado, teenagers can receive their learner's permit on their 15th birthday if they have completed a 30-hour classroom course and passed their written permit test. For that reason, many teens choose to start their driver's education classes well in advance of their 15th birthday. Under Colorado State law students can begin their driver education coursework at 14-1/2, and they can take their permit test when they are 14 years and 11 months of age.

Do you have to be an LPS student to participate in Driver ed?

No, any student between 14 ½ years and 18 years can participate in our programs.

When can my teen get their license?

Teens have to keep their permit for a minimum of 12 months (or until their 18th birthday). During that time, they'll need to complete 6 hours of driving lessons with a certified school and log 50 hours of supervised driving time with a parent or guardian (including at least ten at night). Once these requirements have been met, your child can test for his or her license. Those who receive their permit on their 15th birthday are eligible to receive their license on their 16th birthday.

Do I need to pre-register with DMV before signing up for classes/services with LPS Driver Ed?

Yes, this is a requirement by the State of Colorado. Here’s what to do: • Go to https://MyDMV.Colorado.gov • Click on “Apply for Driver License or ID” • Enter information about your student. • Hit Submit. You will receive a Confirmation Number. • Print the Pre-Registration form with the Confirmation Number and Barcode. • Use this number when registering for class

At what age can my teenager take a driver education class?

Your student can take a driver education program as young as 14-1/2 years old and obtain a permit at age 15 years.

Is the written test included in the program?

In an effort to reduce the use of paper and to make the testing environment more comfortable for the student, The Department of Motor Vehicles is now allowing students (age 14 & 11 months or older) to take the permit test online from home. LPS Driver Education is moving to this greener (paperwork reduction) process. In addition to taking the test online, at home, the test is read aloud in English and/or Spanish. The LPS Driver Education Program strives to provide your students with a 30-hour high-quality defensive driving class along with practice tests and tips to pass the written state online testThis change allows students to take the test anytime during or immediately after the course when they feel ready and confident. We believe that in combination with the classroom instruction, students will perform better and have more success in passing the permit test in this new manner.


Which car will be used for Behind the Wheel instruction?

All driving will be done in LPS cars that are equipped with a trainer brake.

What is the cancellation policy for scheduled driving lessons?

In consideration of our instructor's time, a $50 fee will be imposed for “no shows” and cancellations with less than 24 hours notice.

 Will there be more than one student in the car at a time?

From time to time there may be two students in the car at a time. Example: One picking up a student and the other dropping off the first student.

 Do you offer the state driving test?

Yes, we do for an additional fee.

 When does your 30 hour class certificate, permit passing test certificate, and license test passing certificate expire?

6 months from date entered

Do I have to take the 30 hour class over again if I miss more than 7.5 hours?

Yes…the DMV requires learning to be within a certain time frame and we can’t make up the required units/classes in an extended time frame. We will not charge you again for the next class.

Should I schedule my license test on the same day of my DMV license appointment?

We cannot guarantee a license test on the same day (365 days from issue date).

 Are parents allowed in driver education vehicles to observe?

LPS Driver Education conducts the 6 hours of behind the wheel instruction free of distraction and parents are not allowed in LPS vehicles. The instructor is giving detailed instructions as students learn. We follow the Graduated Drivers License model which allows limited passengers in the vehicle free of distraction as students continue to sharpen defensive driving skills. Additionally, the Colorado Drivers License Test (conducted by 3rd party BOST Testers) does not allow any passengers in the vehicle other than the permitted driver & tester. This includes not allowing interpreters for DHH students while testing.


What do you need to take to the DMV to get a permit?

Please see the DMV website for more information.

 Which is better: the 30 hours of classroom or the 30 hours of online instruction?

It depends on the student. The online course requires that the student be vigilant in his/her studies, he/she must be motivated and disciplined enough to complete the course on their own, it is suitable for the very busy student. The classroom course offers questions and answers that are not available with the online course and the student is required to attend the scheduled class times.

 How far apart are the drive times set up?

The student should have 10 plus hours of behind the wheel experience before beginning the lessons. There are only 6 hours and we need all the time to get on the highway, in the foothills, downtown Denver and parallel park. Ideally, there will be at least a 2-4 weeks between lessons to give the student practice time. Please keep in mind that lessons are based on student needs & skills so often lessons are modified.


What are the requirements for a license test?

You must be 16 or older & have held your permit for 365 days. Unless you’re 18…just hold a permit.

Does LPS Driver Education work with/ test adults?

We do not . We teach and work with school aged students 14 & 6 months - 18 years old in the school system.

Is it possible to pay for extra driving hours?

We have limited time & need to meet the needs of all students although it might be possible at a charge of $65 per hour.

Do you need the 50 hours and 6 hours Behind the Wheel Instruction to get my license after age 16.5?

You do not need the 6 hours BTW although you will need the 50 hours to obtain a license at age 16.5.


For other questions not addressed, feel free to reach out to us at jconway[at]lps.k12.co[dot]us or dvanoni[at]lps.k12.co[dot]us