Do you have to be an LPS student to participate in Driver ed?

No, any student between 14 ½ years and 18 years can participate in our programs.


At what age can my teenager take a driver education class?

Your student can take a driver education program as young as 14-1/2 years old and obtain a permit at age 15 years.


Is the written test included in the program?

Yes, the test will be given to students who are at least 14 years, 11 months old, younger students will be given a practice test.


Whose car will be used for Behind the Wheel instruction?

All driving will be done in our cars that are equipped with a trainer brake.


What is the cancellation policy for scheduled driving lessons?

In consideration of our instructors time, a $40 fee will be imposed for “no shows” and cancellations with less than 24 hours notice.


Will there be more than one student in the car at a time?

From time to time there may be two students in the car at a time. Example: One picking up a student and the other dropping off the first student.


Do you offer the state driving test?

Yes, we do for an additional fee.


Why should I take the test with you versus the state?

Although the state does not charge a fee, they are usually booked several weeks if not months out to get a test done. We can generally get a test scheduled and done within 24 hours and students are more comfortable with our instructors.


What do you need to take to the DMV to get a permit?

You will need a birth certificate, social security card and two forms of proof of residency. Please see the DMV website for more information.


Which is better the 30 hours of classroom or the 30 hours of online instruction?

It depends on the student. The online course requires that the student be vigilant in his/her studies, he/she must be motivated and disciplined enough to complete the course on their own, it is suitable for the very busy student. The classroom course offers questions and answers that are not available with the online course and the student is required to attend the scheduled class times.


How far apart are the drive times set up?

The student should have 5-10 hours of behind the wheel experience before beginning the lessons. There are only 6 hours and we need all the time to get on the highway, in the foothills, downtown Denver and parallel park. Ideally, there will be at least a 2-4 weeks between lessons to give the student practice time