REP Resources

Parent Portal 
Purpose: to provide parents/guardians or eligible students the opportunity to view student data and information over the internet. Student information may include but not be limited to the posting of grades, daily assignments, transcripts, and attendance from the district’s student database system.


Urinary Analysis Locations

link to email and other services


GED Information

Arapahoe County Sheriff 

Littleton Police Department 

RAAP (Rape Crisis) 

Rocky Mountain Poison & Drug Center 

Social Services

Tri-County Health Department 

MARCH 2 Success 
March 2 Success provides cutting-edge assessment software and world class educational content in an easy to use self-paced format to accelerate your learning curve for state ACT or SAT preparation.

Online Resources

Culture Grams

Wilson Web Biographies

World and I
Password: SCHOOL

Earthscape.Org is a Columbia Online Database recommended for sciences and social studies. Scientific articles, case studies, experiments, etc are included in this excellent database. 
Username for home: lhs 
Password for home: lions 

eLibrary is the BEST all-purpose curricula data base. You will find information in all types of sources, encyclopedia, newspapers, books, audio and visual. Very user friendly.
Username - 08-0121 school; home 08-0121REMOTE 
Password - school and home: lions

Grolier ONline
ID: options
Password: grolier
Choices Explorer 
Site ID 0012873 
Password sunset
An engaging online education and career exploration system that provides extensive libraries of education, career and recreation articles in an interactive magazine-style format.

Area Libraries
Arapahoe Library District 

Bemis Public Library **

Denver Public Library 

Citing Sources

A free bibliography creation tool

NoodleBib Express - MLA
Just need one or two quick citations? No need to log in or subscribe -- simply generate them in NoodleBib Express and copy and paste what you need into your document

Son of Citation Machine

This online tool was originally created by David Warlick of The Landmark Project.

Online Catalog

Online Resources/Databases

Other Online Resources
Discovery Education

Library of Congress


Dictionary and Thesaurus Merriam-Webster Online