1. Please call the attendance line at 303-734-5910 FOR ALL ABSENCES (illness, routine doctor appointments, etc).


  1. Por favor llame a la línea de asistencia al 303-734-5910 PARA TODAS LAS AUSENCIAS (enfermedades, citas médicas de rutina, etc).



Attendance Line: 303-734-5910
Please leave a message on  24 hour attendance line before 7:30 am on the day your student will be absent.

Soft Start
At Wilder Elementary, we participate in a “soft start” to the school day. This means that your child can arrive at school any time between 7:35 am and 7:50 am. Students are considered tardy if they arrive after 7:50 am. Having a soft start gives students a chance to calmly start their day without being rushed. They will be allowed to go to their classroom, unpack their things and touch base with their teacher. We will start our day promptly at 7:50 am with our classroom morning meetings.  

We are unable to provide playground supervision before school and the playgrounds will be closed. Therefore all students will enter the building through the front doors upon arrival and head to their classrooms.