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A department committed to supporting academic success by nourishing students through healthy meal choices.


Healthy Choices, Successful Students

Who We Are

Littleton Public Schools is a destination district with a leadership driven Nutrition Services department that focuses on building strong relationships with students, staff, families and our community. We care deeply about our students and pride ourselves in ensuring that we provide them the nourishment to thrive in school. We will rise to any challenge that comes our way to feed our students!

What We Offer

LPS nutrition services offers healthy, fresh options for students daily. With a focus on variety and student choice, we are proud to continue to expand our scratch and speed scratch options and provide a rainbow of colors in our daily fresh fruits and vegetables. Menus are driven by student taste and are created based on feedback from our student advisory groups.

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What We Believe

  • LPS nutrition services believes that all foods should fit in a healthy diet. Educating students on portion control, variety in their diets and intuitive eating are all important steps in ensuring our students are set up for successful lives. 
  • Meal time should be fun! Our staff’s favorite time of the day is serving our students and we take pride in ensuring that we are a friendly face for all students when coming to lunch. We hope our promotion events and bright colorful lines help create a fun atmosphere and allow kids to be kids while dining with us.  
  • A well nourished child is better set up for success in school and our meals do just that. School meals are proven to be more nutritious than their packed meal counterparts. Every meal comes with fruit, vegetables, low fat milk and an entree. Students receiving school meals consume fewer empty calories and more milk, fruit, vegetables and fiber than their peers.  


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Why Work for LPS Nutrition

Join our team of dedicated and caring professionals, providing tasty and nutritious meals to LPS students! Working for Nutrition Services you will:

  • Share the same schedule as your student
  • Enjoy benefits starting at 4 hours/day
  • Invest in your community

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Jessica Gould, RD, SNS
Director of Nutrition Services & Warehouse
Persefone "Effie" Pappas
Assistant Director of Nutrition Services
Katie Kerkhoff, RD, SNS
Nutrition Services Program Coordinator
Sarah Bigham, MS, RDN
Nutrition Services Supervisor
Dominika Hannah
Nutrition Services Supervisor
Tracy Dean
Purchasing Manager of Nutrition Services
Emily Gustafson
Administrative Assistant to Nutrition Services

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What Does School Lunch Look Like at LPS?

Meals, foods and beverages sold or served at schools meet state and federal requirements based on the USDA Dietary Guidelines. All meals, foods and beverages are prepared and served by qualified child nutrition professionals. Our meals provide students with access to a variety of healthy meals, fresh fruit and vegetables, and entrees, sides and sauces made from scratch at an affordable price. Every meal offered includes a grain, protein, fruits, vegetables and milk. 

Regulations (link)               Allergens / Special Diets (link)