Documents Required to Participate

  • Copy of most recent Triennial IEP, 504, or other documentation of disability
  • State issued ID or passport (If 18 years old or older)

  • School ID (If under 18 years old)  

Replacing Lost Documents

Why do you need a Colorado identification card?

State/government identification is necessary for anyone to:

Qualify for Medicaid, Medicare Waivers, Vocational Rehabilitation, etc. 
Obtain any public benefits (Social Security benefits, etc.) 
Board an airplane 
Open a bank account 
Be hired for a job 
Rent an apartment, etc. 
If you do not obtain your state ID before you turn 18, you will be required to make an appointment in Denver for an "Exception Process hearing" to prove your identity and name before you can be issued a Colorado ID card or Drivers License