Our Program

Our Program

At The Village at Highland, our Early Childhood Teachers strive to enhance each child’s natural curiosity and love of learning by using rich, evidence-based curricula that align with Littleton Public Schools and Colorado State Early Learning & Development Guidelines. 

We are participants in the Colorado Shines Quality Early Learning Program.  By participating in Colorado Shines, The Village at Highland demonstrates our commitment to quality and to the continual improvement of our program.  We believe in helping children start strong towards our goal of nurturing life-long learners.

Each of our classrooms maintain an 8:1, student:teacher ratio, with a maximum of 16 students per class.  Our program is licensed by the State of Colorado.  We are a Littleton Public Schools district preschool and follow the LPS school year calendar for holidays and breaks.

For more information on our curricula, please read and explore the links found on Our Curricula page.

Our program is designed for children ages 3-5 years old, turning 3 by October 1st.


Creative Curriculum is a research-based curriculum that was selected by Littleton Public Schools and supported by the Board of Education for use in all of the preschools in our district. 

On the basis of scientific research and state and professional standards, The Creative Curriculum identifies the knowledge, skills, and concepts important for preschool children to acquire in each content area: literacy, math, science, social studies, the arts, and technology.

The key components in these areas are:

  • Literacy: vocabulary and language, phonological awareness, letters, words, print, comprehension, books and other texts, and sources of enjoyment
  • Mathematics: numbers; patterns and relationships; geometry and spatial awareness; measurement; and data collection, organization, and representation
  • Science: physical science, life science, and earth and the environment
  • Social Studies: spaces and geography, people and how they live, people and the environment, and people and the past
  • The Arts: dance, music, drama, and the visual arts
  • Technology: awareness of technology, basic operations and concepts, technological tools, and people and technology

The Creative Curriculum for Preschool is based on 38 learning objectives in the above content areas as well as in the Physical, Social-Emotional, and Language areas of development.  Our staff measures each child’s progress on these 38 learning objectives three times in the school year.  For this reason, we use the Teaching Strategies GOLD Assessment System.  We also individualize for each child’s learning needs to ensure that progress is being made on each of these 38 learning objectives throughout the year. 

We implement The Incredible Years Dinosaur School Social-Emotional curriculum.  This is a research-based curriculum that the staff and children LOVE!  It provides the teachers with a variety of materials and resources – books, puppets, videos, visuals, and role play – to guide our children in developing the necessary skills for positive social interactions, conflict resolution, and identification and management of feelings.

For more information on the above curricula and assessment tool please visit:

The Creative Curriculum for Preschool website at http://teachingstrategies.com

Teaching Strategies GOLD website at http://teachingstrategies.com

The Incredible Years Dinosaur School website at http://incredibleyears.com/programs/child/classroom-curriculum/