In 2021, the Littleton Public School Board of Education decided to merge East Elementary and Ralph Moody Elementary onto a separate campus, Little Raven Elementary.  East Elementary School would close at the end of the 2023 school year and LPS Board of Education committed to repurposing the East Elementary building into a community center that would serve the community and neighborhood near the school.  In the fall of 2022, the district initiated a robust community engagement process to determine the strengths of the community that could be enhanced at the center and the needs that could be served in the center.  Community participation in this engagement process was strong, with over 200 community members participating.  Review the final report from this engagement process. The community identified 9 areas of focus for the community center:

  • Afterschool & Youth groups Childcare
  • Community Market (food bank)
  • Community Space & Garden
  • Educational Classes
  • Resource Navigation
  • Small Business Support
  • Sports & Recreation
  • Wellness (mental & physical health)

East Community Center Advisory Committee

In order to provide oversight for the management of the East Community Center and to review and recommend community partnerships that align with the areas of focus for the center, Littleton Public schols has established the East Community Center Advisory Committee. Committee members include:

  • Melissa Cooper, Assistant Superintendent of Learning Services for LPS
  • Nate Thompson, Director of Social, Emotional and Behavior Services for LPS
  • Courtney Orrange, School Counselor for LPS
  • Kathleen Osher, City of Litteton
  • Maureen Shannon, North Littleton Promise
  • Andrew Graham, LPS Board of Education member
  • Sean O'Shea, Binning Family Foundation
  • Carrie Warren-Gully, Arapahoe County
  • Kimberly Armitage, YMCA