Wilder Policies

Wilder Policies

Reporting Attendance (303-734-5910): If your child will be absent, please call the attendance line or email wilderattendance[at]gmail[dot]com each day. Emailing your students teacher is very helpful, however, all absences must be reported to the school office. We will begin making calls home on any unreported absences beginning at 8:00am. If you know your child will be absent for several days, one call notifying us of those dates is sufficient. Our attendance line is a 24-hour voice message. In the event your child is tardy they must check in at the office and get a late pass. If you need to pick up your child early from school, please do not leave this information on the attendance line. You may call the office (303-347-4750) when you are 5 minutes away and we will have your child in the office ready for sign out.

Attendance Expectations: There is a direct relationship between consistent attendance and academic progress. Attendance builds positive habits needed for success in the classroom and life. Wilder Elementary determines if an absence and/or tardy is excused. The decision is made in accordance with state laws and district policy. Attendance records become a part of a student’s official school transcript. The school may request a physician’s verification of illness for excessive absences (excessive is defined as more than 5). Colorado State Law requires that a student with excessive absences or tardies be referred to the District Engagement Specialist.


Bad Weather (Recess with cold and or snowy conditions): We will go out if temperature/wind chill is above 20 degrees. We use "weather bug" to determine the outside temperature and monitor it throughout the day. Other factors are taken into consideration for our decision such as snow, rain, and sun. Remember to bundle up your children with hats, gloves, boots, and coats.


Medications and Immunization Records (303-347-4759): All medications to be administered during the school day or immunization records should be given to our health office. The health office is staffed by paraprofessionals with a nurse delegation to provide care and guidance. Health office hours are 8:30am - 2:15pm daily. For more information on medications and our health clinic policies visit the LPS health page.

Visitors/Volunteers: With security guidelines in place, ALL visitors and ALL volunteers must enter the building through the main entrance. For identification and the safety of our students, when visiting or volunteering anywhere in the school or on school grounds, you must sign in at the main office and wear an identification badge at all times.

Parking/Drop off/Pick up: Parking is available at the west parking lot, church lot (behind school), or play pad during non-student times. Drop off guidelines to the east of school include a pull thru lane next to the fence. This is a “kiss and go” lane (no parking) for continuous flow. Students need to exit from the right side of the car for safety precautions. Drop off in the church lot also has a continuous lane. Again, students need to exit from the right side of the car. Pick up is available on the play pad with a continuous lane on the perimeter of the area. The inside area is a parking lot.

Animals on Campus: The Littleton Public Schools approved district policy states that animals may be on campus only in connection with an organized school activity, approved by the principal. Students and/or parents may not bring animals into the school premises unless authorized by the principal. The policy is based on the unpredictability of an animal’s behavior with regard to student safety as well as concerns for student allergies.

Bikes/Scooters/Skateboard Rules:  Students may ride bicycles, scooters, skateboards, and rollerblades to school. It is a parent’s responsibility to make sure their children are wearing the appropriate safety gear (helmets, pads, etc). Safety rules must be observed at all times. Once on school property, bikes scooters, and skateboards should be pushed or carried; they may not be ridden on campus. Bikes should be stored in the bike racks by the portables, south of the school. Bikes should be locked during the day. Scooters and skateboards may be stored in the classroom. Names should be clearly marked on student’s property.

Electronic Devices: While some electronic devices, such as a tablet, have educational purposes, Wilder will not be responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged devices. Please mark items clearly with first and last name.

Cell Phones/Smart-Watches/Electronic Communication Devices: One of the areas listed in the Student Code of Conduct handbook speaks to the use of cell phones. You may refer to these rules on our LPS website under Board Policy JICDA.  While we appreciate the importance of communication between a parent and child and the assurance a cell phone provides, especially to students walking to/from school, cell phones/smart-watches should be regarded as emergency phones.  If a child brings a cell phone to school, please understand that they bring it at their own risk for potential damage, loss or theft.  Also, cell phones/smart watches are to be kept in a backpack at all times only for use off school property. Students have the ability to use school phones if the need arises, (and cell phones/smart-watches are not to be the means by which a student contacts a parent or others during the school day.) This policy also applies to school buses which are also considered school property during the transportation of students. The use of a cell phone to take pictures on school property is strictly forbidden.

Dress Code: Please make sure your child dresses appropriately for Colorado weather. Student grooming and apparel must adhere to LPS standards of decency, must not pose a threat to public or personal safety, and must not be disruptive or distracting to the learning environment, classroom activity, or student behavior. Because of these reasons, we ask students to only wear hats on designated “hat spirit” days.

Student Behavior: Wilder is a PBIS School. PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports. PBIS creates a positive school environment. The Wilder expectations (PAWS) are visible throughout the building indicating appropriate behavior expectations for all settings including the hallways, bathrooms, cafeteria, and playground. In order to support student learning and implementation of PAWS, skill words, definitions, and examples of appropriate behavior are embedded throughout the school year. Students learn with adult guidance and student videos how to follow the Wilder expectations and more importantly, put those skills in action! PAWS expectations include;

P - Practice Respect

A - Always Be Kind

W - Work Responsibly

S -  Stay Safe

If you feel your child is experiencing peer conflict/unkind behavior, please report the incident immediately to the child’s teacher. Our protocol includes investigating the incident, consequences if necessary, and follow-up communication to parents. We honor confidentiality for all students while following district guidelines for reporting inappropriate behavior.