Parent Information

Parent Handbook

The Parent Handbook includes our Mission Statement and philosophy, program goals, school policies and procedures, & information regarding the curriculum used at the Village at Ames for Early Childhood Education.

2018-2019 Village at Ames Parent Handbook



The Village at Ames values good school-to-parent communication.  Monthly during the school year, a school-wide newsletter will be posted below. In addition, classroom specific newsletters will be distributed in paper form to families on a regular basis.

Dec 2018 Ames Family Newsletter

Nov 2018 Ames Family Newsletter

Oct 2018 Ames Family Newsletter

Sep 2018 Ames Family Newsletter






Supply Lists & Forms

We do not have a required supply list at The Village at Ames.
Below is an optional supply list if your family would like to contribute to your child's classroom.
Each child will, however, need a backpack, labeled with their name.
A backpack can be provided if requested.  

2018-2019 Ames' Optional Supply List


General Health Appraisal Forms expire one year after the date of the last examination.  An updated, signed General Health Appraisal Form for your student will need to be provided upon the expiration date.  Please contact our office with any questions.

General Health Appraisal Form