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Attendance Line: 303-347-4410

Village at Highland

Starting this August...
​Same Program, New Location!!

2019/20 Location:  Village at Highland
​Our Program will be making a permanent move
to be housed in Highland Elementary
711 E. Euclid Avenue
​Centennial, CO 80121

Village at Highland Office: 303-347-4409

Village at Highland Attendance Line: 303-347-4410

Village at Highland Fax: 303-347-4240

Village at Highland Office Hours:
8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Monday - Friday

Village at Highland 2019/20 School Hours:
9:00 am - 12:00 pm morning session
12:45 pm - 3:45 pm afternoon session
9:00 am - 3:45 pm full day session
7:00 am - 5:30 pm extension hours


Director: Tracey Hansen, thansen[at][dot]us 
Education Manager: Julie Bush, jbush[at][dot]us 
Secretary/Registrar: Shelly Cox, slcox[at][dot]us 
Secretary/Health Assistant:  Sheryl Schwiethale, sschwiethale[at][dot]us

The Village at Highland
711 E. Euclid Avenue
​Centennial, CO 80121

Contact Information

THE VILLAGE at Ames STAFF 2018-2019


Village @ Ames Preschool Office:  303-347-4409      Main Ames Facility Office:  303-347-4400

                                   *** ATTENDANCE LINE:  303-347-4410 ***

Director at Ames:  Tracey Hansen 303-347-4419 (thansen[at][dot]us)

Principal: Brandy Pentecost 303-347-6998 (bpentecost[at][dot]us)  

Village at Ames Education Manager:  Julie Bush 303-347-4104 (jbush[at][dot]us)

Health Assistant:  Megan Anderson 303-734-3025 (

Secretary:  Sheryl Schwiethale 303-347-4401 (sschwiethale[at][dot]us)

Secretary/Registrar:  Shelly Cox 303-347-4411 (slcox[at][dot]us)

Director of Elementary Education:  Kathleen Ambron 303-347-3305

The Village at North- Principal/Director:  Marnie Yanacheak 303-347-6998


Teachers and Paraprofessionals:     Voice Mail prefix (303) 347-   

Ant Room x 4417                              Bumble Bee Room x 4100                Butterfly Room x 4408

Lori Kosiara                                          Cathy Barban                                    Marlene Buckley

(lkosiara[at][dot]us)                     (cbarban[at][dot]us)                   (mbuckley[at][dot]us)

Susie White                                          TBD                                                   Antonette Leflar

(snwhite[at][dot]us)                                                                                (

Allison Clemons


Caterpillar Room x 4110                  Dragonfly Room x 4101                   Firefly Room x 4102    

Brenna Cron                                        Shea Ibrahim                                    Melissa Mangiameli

(                        (                 (mmangiameli[at][dot]us)

Laura Tritz                                           Diana McDonald                                Chris Gardinier

(ltritz[at][dot]us)                          (DLMcDonald[at][dot]us)          (


Grasshopper Room x 4103               Lady Bug Room x 4106                     Wiggly Worm Room x 4107        

Lisa Leslie                                           Becky Sue Lopez                                  Abrianna Salazar

(lleslie[at][dot]us)                        (                        (asalazar[at][dot]us)

Shanna Loncharich                             Cheryl Kellar                                         Danielle Greenleaf

(sloncharich[at][dot]us)               (                       (dgreenleaf[at][dot]us)


A.M. Extension x 4412                      P.M. Extension x 4412                       Bitsy Spiders x 4412

Kayla Bulkley                                      Becky Sue Lopez                                Shurie Wheeler

(kbulkley[at][dot]us)                    (                      (

Patty Morris                                         Lisa Leslie                                           Kayla Bulkley

(                     (lleslie[at][dot]us)                        (kbulkley[at][dot]us)


Village at Ames Special Education Staff –

Kayla Cornforth, SPED Paraprofessionalkcornforth[at][dot]us

Tori Dunn, SLPvdunn[at][dot]us; 303-347-4123

Katie Fanning, ECSE – kfanning[at][dot]us; 303-347-6926

Marcy Foster, Mental Health Professionalmfoster[at][dot]us; 303-347-4108

Emily Ganan, SLP – eganan[at][dot]us ; 303-347-4105

Michelle Jackson, SPED Paraprofessionalmjackson[at][dot]us

Juan Mendoza, OT - jmendoza[at][dot]us; 303-347-6927

Anita Millhollin, OT - amillhollin[at][dot]us; 303-734-5632

Margaret Quick, SPED Paraprofessionalmquick[at][dot]us

Caroline Riofredo, SPED Paraprofessionalcriofredo[at][dot]us

Bevin Rolfs Spencer, ECSE - brolfsspencer[at][dot]us; 303-734-3020

Patty Vickery, SPED Paraprofessionalpvickery[at][dot]us


Janet Deutsch, BSN, RN - School Nurse (housed at North) - jdeutsch[at][dot]us; 303-347-4991

  • Ant Room

    Mrs. Kosiara
    Mrs. White
    Mrs. Clemons
  • Bumble Bees Room

    Mrs. Barban
  • Butterfly Room

    Mrs. Buckley
    Mrs. Leflar
  • Caterpillar Room

    Ms. Cron
    Mrs. Tritz
  • Dragonfly Room

    Ms. Ibrahim
    Mrs. McDonald
  • Firefly Room

    Mrs. Mangiameli
    Mrs. Gardinier
  • Grasshopper Room

    Mrs. Leslie
    Mrs. Loncharich
  • Lady Bug Room
    Mrs. Lopez
    Mrs. Kellar
  • Wiggly Worm Room
    Mrs. Salazar
    Mrs. Greenleaf
  • Music and Movement
    Megan Anderson
  • Morning Extension

    Mrs. Bulkley
    Ms. Morris
  • Afternoon Extension

    Mrs. Leslie
    Mrs. Lopez
  • Special Education Staff
    Tori Dunn, SLP
    Katie Fanning, ECSE
    Marcy Foster, Mental Health Professional
    Emily Ganan, SLP
    Anita Millhollin, OT
    Bevin Rolfs Spencer, ECSE
    Margaret Quick, SPED Paraprofessional
    Kayla Corforth, SPED Paraprofessional
    Patty Vickery,SPED Paraprofessional
    Caroline Riofredo, SPED Paraprofessional
    Michelle Jackson, SPED Paraprofessional