Technology at Twain is integrated through each classroom.  Teachers and staff members make careful decisions about when technology is the best tool for the project at hand and when students are creativing and innovating with concrete objects.  Here are a few highlights of the tech at Twain:

  • 3rd, 4th, 5th grade students have individual computers that they use throughout the day
  • All classrooms have a minimum of 6 computers for students to use
  • Our computer lab houses desktop computers that classrooms use throughout the day
  • All classrooms have document cameras and overhead projectors
  • Kindergarten students have tablets 
  • Many classrooms have Smart Board technology

Teachers will often link grade appropriate resources on to their individual web page.  A few common links include:

Google Docs Login

Google Classroom

Dance Mat Typing

More Typing Games

Just as writers need to be able to fluently form letters to write down their thoughts, ensuring that your student can quickly and correctly type their thoughts will help them immensely!