Our district has adopted the Superkids reading program to provide systematic and explicit instruction of word work (phonics and phonemic awareness), reading, writing, and handwriting.  Students love the engaging Superkids characters, who they learn about in kindergarten and grow with through second grade.  Each character has a unique personality and interests; the Superkids stories capture the universal experiences of childhood.  

Kindergarten Skills Overview

First Grade Skills Overview

Second Grade Skills Overview

One of the most rewarding parts of teaching children is to see the progression of their reading skills.  From our kindergarten students who are starting with the early skills of learning what sound each letter makes to a fifth grader who is leading a discussion of ideas after reading The Secret Garden.  

All students participate in Shared Reading where the teacher models, instructs, and guides students through grade level reading skills aligned with Common Core State Standards.  Students additionally receive instruction at their own unique level through Independent Reading and conferring as well as Small Group Instruction, where a few students work with the teacher on the same "next step" that they need in reading instruction.  A strong emphasis in Word Study allows students to learn word pattens vital for their reading success. 

At home, the very best thing you can do is read with your child each and every night!  Hold on to the ritual of reading to them for as long as you can!  As they get older, balance reading to them, the student reading to you, and reading together.  And if they insist they are too old for you to read to them, grab a copy of the novel they are reading so you can discuss it together.