Students, teachers, parents, and building leaders are constantly looking at assessment opportunities to monitor student learning.  The ongoing feedback helps students improve their learning and teachers improve their instruction.  Most assessment that a student sees in their school career is formative assessment. Simply put, formative assessments inform learning.  These are conferring with a teacher, exit slips, a response on a thinking map, or a "check up" on their learning; these opportunities occur often throughout a day and are simply a part of the great instruction at Twain. 

The goal of summative assessments is to evaluate student learning.  This might be an end of a unit test, a final writing paper, or a state mandated test.  These are also able to guide parents, teachers, and building leaders in understanding next steps in instruction.  

Please see the attached document for a list of state and district required assessments:  2016-17 Public Assessment Calendar - Elementary-1.pdf