Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment

  • Open Enrollment - Review Guidelines

    • To open enroll students must submit a completed open enrollment form along with documentation requested by the school.  

    • Applications are available at LPS schools and online October 1st

    • Priority given to students who are residents of the district

    • Random drawing, following LPS priority guidelines (residents, siblings, children of employees, must be used to accept all qualified students who apply within a designated window

    • Open enrollment applications for students who need IEP and/or ELD services must be approved at District level.  Once approved, these applications become part of the random drawing of qualified students

    • Students must reapply for open enrollment at level changes; 5th to 6th and 8th to 9th.


  • Open Enrollment Windows

    • Enrollment Window One begins October 1 and ends November 15.  Notification by the end of the first full week in December (12/6/19) whether their application was approved.

    • Enrollment Window Two begins begins November 16 and ends the first Friday (1/10/20) following winter break .  Notification by the end of the second week (1/17/20) of the second semester whether their application was approved. Open enrollment granted in Window Two must be accepted no later than the third Friday (1/24/20)of the second semester.

    • Kindergarten and Preschool Open Enrollment

      • Hold open enrollment applications for January Kindergarten enrollment process


  • Should more applicants be received than can be approved, applications will be prioritized as follows.

  1. LPS resident students
  2. Students who have a sibling attending the school requested, although the presence of one child in a family will not necessarily ensure enrollment of another child from the same family. 
  3. Students of employees.


  • All current open enrolled students will need to fill out an Intent to renew form, sent to you by your current school. Due by Jan. 10th, 2020.

For more information, click here for the LPS District Open Enrollment page.