Kickin' It & Flippin' It

Jessica Muñiz, Sponsor
303-734-6331 (voicemail)

Kickin' It & Flippin' It Club consists of members practicing finger skateboard tricks, flips and building parks.  Students can join whether they are beginners or advanced in their skills with fingerboards, but members must have their own fingerboard (finger skateboard), bought or made.  Participants will practice their skills building their own fingerboard, ramps or parks and will challenge each other's skills and tricks.

Kickin' It & Flippin' It Club meets in Room 2698.   

2018-19 Meeting dates are:

Oct 10
Nov 14
Jan 16
Feb 13
Mar 6
April 3
April 15
May 1
May 8

Two weekend dates for "Challenges" are TBD.

President:  KK Lyons