Golf Club

Andrew Genson and Karen Masek, Sponsors
agenson[at][dot]us     kmasek[at][dot]us
303-734-6334 (Genson Voicemail)     303-734-6340 (Masek Voicemail)

Golf Club is a Fall Club, meeting two days per week, either Monday or Thursday (24 Students per day).  A student will either be a member of the Monday club or the Thursday club. The $30 club fee must be paid prior to participation in Golf Club.  The fee should be a check made payable to Powell Middle School and given to the club sponsor. This fee pays for the rounds of gold and helps purchase the prizes for the tournament.  When paying and registering for Golf Club please specify which day (Monday or Thursday) your student will be playing.

The first tee time is @ 3:00, but the starting times will vary, up to 4:00 pm. The student's tee time will determine what time they finish the club.  Most weeks the last group should finish between 5:45 - 6:00 pm.

Golf Club plays at South Suburban Golf Course (Par 3), 7900 S. Colorado Blvd., Littleton, CO 80122

Students will need golf clubs, golf balls and tees. The students are told not to waste too much time looking for golf balls so that they keep pace with the group in front of them, so a good supply of golf balls is recommended.

Students are responsible for getting to the course on their own, the school does not provide transportation. It is recommended that a parent drive the student. Carpooling is highly encouraged as well.

2017-18 Golf Club Meeting Dates:

Golf Club has finished for the season.