5th to 6th Grade Transition

Ms. Lynn Christensen, 6th Grade Counselor 


6th grade FAQ's

  • Will my 6th grader get his/her own locker?  When will they have access to it? Each student is assigned a locker.  The locker is assigned during the two hours of the first day of school when 6th graders are the only students in the building. They will be given time to work with the lockers and get comfortable doing the combination. 
  • Should my child bring all of their school supplies the first day?  No. Students need to bring a notebook and pen or pencil the first day. They should also bring a water bottle, and either a lunch or lunch money. The teachers encourage students to bring supplies in throughout the first week.
  • Where can I get a school supply list? The school supply list is located here. There may be additional items requested once school has begun.
  • How many students are in the 6th grade? Currently, we are expecting around 300 sixth graders for 2018-19. 
  • How is accelerated math placement determined?  We use a combination of teacher recommendations and a criteria using scores from CMAS, CoGat, and MAP test data.
  • How does lunch work?  Students currently in an LPS school will have the same student ID number they have now.  Those students new to LPS will be given a student ID number and this is the number they use to access their lunch account.  Parents may deposit money into the account online through the quick link on the home page.  Lunch prices are also listed there as well as the daily menu.
  • When are school athletics and activities?  Most athletics and activities are after school and are finished by 5:00pm.  Late buses are available for bus riders, and the pick up is around 5:15pm.  Some athletic practices and activities are held before school and transportation is the responsibility of the parent.