Back to School

Important Dates

Monday, August 2, 2021- Peabody Main Office Opens

Wednesday, August 11, 2021- Kindergarten Back to School Night

Thursday, August 12, 2021- Kindergarten Assessment Day

Thursday, August 12, 2021- First Day of School Grades 1-5 (early release; 12:00); Lunch will be served.

Monday, August 16, 2021- Kindergarten First Day of School (early release; 12:00); Lunch will be served.

Thursday, September 2, 2021- Back to School Night Grades 1-5; Details to come…

School Supplies Lists

First Grade
Second Grade
Third Grade
Fourth Grade
Fifth Grade

Please notify Heather Sherman, our School Social Worker at hsherman[at][dot]us or 303-347-4346 if you need assistance purchasing school supplies for your student. This information will be confidential.

School Fees

Peabody charges a one-time fee at the beginning of the school year to cover costs for classroom COG supplies and other classroom activities throughout the school year. Beginning July 7, 2021, you may pay the Student Fee online using a credit card through the parent portal.

During your Annual Family Check In on the parent portal, you will be asked to provide permission for your child to attend field trips. Teachers will provide an email summary of trips to be taken for each class/grade. There are a few exceptional trips that may require us to collect an additional fee as they are more expensive, i.e. Young Ameritowne. Separate permissions and details will be provided by your child’s teacher.
If you have questions, please contact Abby Thumann at athumann[at][dot]us or 303-347-4625.


Online Family Check-in Information

Every year, each LPS family must complete the district 2021-22 Check-In process through Infinite Campus.
To complete this step, a parent from the Primary Household must log into the Campus Portal, Look for the "Annual Family Check-In" link on the left side of the page. This link will be available starting May 31, 2021.

Parents will verify, update or complete information about every member of their household including students at other LPS schools (if applicable). This means parents can complete check-in for all their children at one time. Parents will also complete a series of permissions (media release, field trip permission, military release, etc.) and provide information traditionally listed on a student's emergency card (physician, emergency contacts, health issues, etc.). 

  • You may not use your child's student login to Infinite Campus Portal for this process. If you have not set up a parent login, see below.
  • HELP! I do not have a login for Campus Portal!  No login? NO PROBLEM!  Call or email the Main Office: 303-347-4625 or http://cholmes[at][dot]us


School Hours

First Bell: 7:45 am Soft Start: Students may enter the building between 7:45-8:00 am. Students are not permitted to play on the playground before or after school.

Tardy Bell: 8:00 am
After 8:00 am, students must enter through the front doors of the school.

The school day begins at Peabody at 8:00 AM and ends at 2:43 PM.

Normal Day Schedule                                                                             Late Start Schedule - Every Wednesday

Doors Open: 7:45 AM                                                                               Doors Open: 8:45 AM

First Bell Rings: 7:55 AM                                                                          First Bell Rings: 8:55 AM

Tardy Bell Rings/Class Begins: 8:00 AM                                                  Tardy Bell Rings/Class Begins: 9:00 A

School Ends: 2:43 PM                                                                              School Ends: 2:43 PM

Early Release Schedule (Lunch IS served)                                         First and Last Day of School

Doors Open: 7:45 AM                                                                              The first and last day of school starts at normal time

First Bell Rings: 7:55 AM                                                                          and ends at 12:00 PM and lunch IS served.

Tardy Bell Rings/Class Begins: 8:00 AM

School Ends: 12:00 PM