Specials "Animal" Schedule

This year promises to be exciting. Lenski is implementing two important changes to the school day to better serve all students: specials and "WIN". WIN stands for What I Need. This block of time each day will allow teachers to better meet the needs of all students whether they need more time with, another lesson about, or an extension of a concept. The purpose is to help all students make the most possible growth each year.

Specials will now be on a rotating schedule. This means that PE will not always be on Mondays, for example. We will be rotating through the specials* every four days excluding Wednesdays. This means that if there is no school on a Monday, your child/ren will not miss that specials and instead will have it on Tuesday. Since Wednesday schedules are different because of the late start, Wednesdays will go through it’s own rotation. To help us all know what is coming, a year-long calendar has been added to the school’s website. Each animal represents a group of classrooms and their particular special schedule.

The challenge for this is, “When  do I need to have my tennis shoes and library books?” One solution, is to remember to look at the schedule each week. Another possibility is to keep a pair of tennis shoes at school and store all library books in the backpack. Families will find a solution that works best for them after trying a few options and chatting with others.

*Art has it’s own schedule.

Class Specials Schedule