PTO Annual Giving


As many of you are aware, Colorado is continuing to reduce funding for public school education and this is effecting our children, our teachers, and school community. This is not an intellectual debate that is happening in the capital building, but is challenging our school and community NOW! It is alarming, but there are actions we can take.

The Lois Lenski PTO raises money for 2 additional full-time salaries, which significantly increases our ability to provide specialist teachers. These teachers supplement the classroom experience for ALL of our students. Specifically, they allow for differentiated, small group learning that has been proven to be the most effective teaching method. The cost of 2 additional full-time salaries is $160,000. 

We are falling significantly short of our 2015-16 fundraising goals this year!
The table below shows the status of our fundraising goals for this year. We are falling short of our goals for the year and are trailing behind the fundraising accomplishments of prior years in all categories.
Fundraising Event 2015-16 YTD 2015-16 Goal 2014-15 Actual
Annual Giving Campaign
$49,500 $75,000 60,400
Fab Film Friday & Bingo
$8,800 $10,000 12,500
Retail Programs
(King Soopers, Safeway, Target)
$14,000 $23,000 21,500
Box Tops $1,700    
Chipotle Night $1,300   810
If you didn't contribute to the Annual Giving Campaign in September, please do so now. The Annual Giving program is open all year round and we recognize that not every family is able to give during the initial campaign in September. The initial campaign in September raised 66% of our goal from just 30% of our families. If you weren't able to contribute in the fall, please contribute today.
Click here to submit a one-time or monthly donation. You can also send a check to the office and we will pick it up there.
Forward this message to your family and friends. We find that grandparents and 'favorite aunts & uncles' are also willing to contribute your child's education.
If your company provides matching funds for your contribution, please submit the request to your company. This will increase your contribution to the Annual Giving Campaign at NO COST to you.
We have a great school! Our children's academic achievements are impressive. Our community is engaged. Our teachers are the best in the area. Our parents and grandparents volunteer every day. Let's continue the tradition of greatness at Lois Lenski! Everything you do for the school counts!