Principal's Message

August/September 2020 Update

Dear Lenski Parents,

The Lenski staff is looking forward to welcoming students back to in-person learning on Monday, August 24, 2020.   The first day of school will be a half day for elementary students.  We will dismiss at 11:50.  Students will have lunch at school on August 24th.  You may send a sack lunch with your child or your student can purchase lunch from the cafeteria.  We know this year will be different as we continue to deal with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.  What will be the same is our commitment to a welcoming and supportive school community and our partnership with parents to meet the needs of every student.  As we prepare for a return to in-person learning, I want to share information on a variety of key topics to support a successful start to the school year.

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Colorado Department of Education, and Governor's Office released the draft health guidance for keeping our kids safe as schools reopen this fall. The guidance is organized by COVID-19 incidence levels and provides specific recommendations on the levels; Stay at Home, Safer at Home, and Protect our Neighbors. This guidance is designed to help local public health agencies and school districts ensure the safest learning environment possible during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read the guidance on the Reopening Schools: Health Guidance by COVID-19 Phase.  The guidance document is available here: Reopening Schools.  You may also find the Reopening Schools Questions and Answers information helpful.

Health and Safety

We will have a variety of requirements and protocols to support student and staff health.  While these may take some time and require some adjustments on the part of families, students and staff, strictly following them will help us maintain in-person learning.  

  •  School staff will complete an in person health screening and temperature check for each student each day.  
  • Students who begin the day in childcare, SACC, will also have a daily health screening and temperature check.  SACC will open on the first day of school, August 24th.  
  • Do not send your child to school if they are not feeling well, have a fever, or have been around someone who has symptoms of COVID-19.  As always, please adhere to the How Sick is Too Sick guidance when determining if your child should come to school.
  • All staff and students in K-12 will be required to wear masks with breaks throughout the day.  Health officials say that mask-wearing protects teachers and other adults in the building as much as it protects the students.  Students will not be required to wear masks when eating or when at recess.
  • Preschool students will not be required to wear masks at this time, but they will be learning how to wear them at school in a developmentally appropriate way.
  • Parents are asked to ensure their student has a mask every day.  If a mask is left at home, we will have one to give your child.  Here are two district resources that you may find helpful:  Face coverings - Do’s and Don’ts and  How to Help your Child Adapt to Wearing a Mask, 
  • If your child may need an exemption to mask wearing, please submit the Request for Exemption for Wearing a Mask.
  • All students and parents who are on school grounds must be wearing masks.
  • Students will practice hand hygiene throughout the day.  This includes before lunch and after all recesses.  Building these hand hygiene routines will support our health and build good habits.
  • The district is providing sanitizing stations to each building at entrances and  cafeterias.
  • Specific guidance about positive COVID cases, contact tracing, and quarantining will be in place.  The district is working with Tri-County to finalize this.

Teaching and Learning

  • Instruction is designed to meet the academic, social-emotional and safety of our students.  
  • Students will remain with their classroom cohort or homeroom for most instruction.   
  • Student support services including Literacy Support, GT Services, English Language Development and Special Education Services and Mental Health Services and Support will be in place to meet student needs.  
  • Students will participate in Specials: Art, Music and PE.
  • Some students may have new classroom placements to support instruction and cohorting.
  • In an effort to support cohorting and limit student contacts, there are no field trips, assemblies or large gatherings at this time.
  • Students will be utilizing google classroom as a support for learning during the instructional day.  Our teachers will be using Google Classroom to support learning whether we are in face-to-face sessions or if we move to a distance learning platform at any time during the school year.  
  • We want to support families in using Google Classroom at home, so please be looking for our upcoming Family Academies for using this great tool to support your children. 
  • We will continue to use 1:1 technology (one Chromebook per child) for grades 2-5.  The district will provide an assigned Chromebook for the student’s exclusive use in these grades.  More to come, but this practice will help us with social distancing and hygiene practices.  Additionally, should we need to return to remote learning strategies, we’ll be that much more ready.  There will also be a technology plan for K-2 students should we need to move to distance learning.
  • Parents, please check the revised school supply list.  You may notice some changes or additions.  We have added supplies at some grade level so that students have their own materials.  
  • Please send a water bottle labeled with your student’s first and last name.  Drinking fountains will not be used, but we do have bottle fill stations.

School Environment and Building Access

  • A necessary change to our school is that only students and staff will be able to enter the building.  We know this is hard as we love having parents and volunteers in our school.  We just can’t have parents or visitors in the building as we need to make every effort to keep our students and staff healthy.  
  • Classrooms, instructional areas and the cafeteria are being set up to maximize space and provide social distancing to the greatest extent possible.  
  • Meetings involving parents will be held virtually.  
  • School Accountability Committee and PTO meetings will be held virtually.
  • We will not have any before or after school activities or enrichment classes.  SACC will be open for registered students. 
  • We want to thank our custodial crew for all their work to get school ready to open.  They have done thorough cleaning of every area.  As students and staff return to school, all areas inside schools, as well as playgrounds, will be cleaned and sanitized (following the protocols of local health officials) as frequently as possible.  
  • We also want to thank the district Operations and Maintenance department for increasing the ventilation in our building.  The ventilation system has been serviced and will be frequently checked to make sure indoor spaces are properly ventilated.

Structure of our Day

The structure of our day is designed to support current health and safety precautions for students and staff.  

  • All elementary schools will have a soft start.  Students may enter the building 15 minutes prior to the start of school.  There will be no morning playground supervision. Students can’t be on the playground in the morning.  A soft start allows students to social distance as they enter the building.  Students will wash hands upon entry to the classroom.
  • Students will eat lunch by grade level and classes will be assigned specific areas to support cohorting and limit exposure.  Hand hygiene will be required prior to students eating lunch. 
  • LPS Nutrition Services will be utilizing a new system where families can make online payments for students' meals.  We are no longer using MySchoolBucks so families are not able to make payments with their old accounts.   Please use this link,, to begin the process of making a new account.  Simply click on "Sign Up Today!" to begin the process.  Families will be able to check what their student has purchased for the day, put limits to their account and much more. Additionally, families will be able to fill out their Free and Reduced meal application at this link.  If you have questions or need assistance, please call the Nutrition Services department at 303-347-3355.
  • Some parents have asked if we will continue to have recess.  The answer is YES!  Recess is important for physical activity and supports all kinds of learning.  Lunch recess will be by grade level.  Mid-day recess will support student cohorts.  
  • Students will be dismissed in an organized manner that supports social distancing.  Students attending School Age Care will be released first, followed by bus riders, then carpool students and walkers.  This process may add a few minutes, but it will help us in the long run.  
  • If your student is a bus rider, please review the information from Transportation and talk to your student about what is expected on the bus: Bus Transportation Expectations.

School to Home Communication

  • Our school website is adding a Restart tile to provide current information on the start of the school year.
  • You can also find helpful information regarding the return to school on the district website Restart LPS 20-21.  
  • Prior to the start of school, there will be a communication that includes more first day of school information as well as information about our virtual Back to School Night.

Thank you for your partnership, flexibility and understanding as we all navigate the changes and circumstances brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.  

On behalf of the Lenski staff, we can’t wait to welcome our students back to school!


Dr. Barbara DeSpain



Student Drop-Off and Pick-Up Changes 2020

Dear Lenski Parents, 

Please note that we have changed our morning drop off procedures as well as our afternoon pick-up procedures. Drop-off procedures can be found here.

Pick-up procedures can be found here

Thank you. 

Dr. Barbara DeSpain

June 2020 Update

Hello Parents and Staff,

Welcome to June!  I hope everyone is enjoying the warm weather and getting outside!


Thanks again for your patience and thoughtfulness in working together to close out the 2019-2020 school year.


I know there are many questions as to what school will look like in August.  As you may have read in district communications, LPS has created a Restart Task Force to create different scenarios for the start of school.  Please click on the link above to learn more information.  As you all know, so much depends on the Governor and the Health Department as to what our final decision will be.  Thank you all for your patience and flexibility as we wait!  No matter what scenario we find ourselves in, I can assure you that your child will be given the very best support, love, and guidance at Lenski!


In addition to navigating the challenges that COVID-19 has presented us, our nation has experienced tragic events that weigh so heavy on our hearts.  We have all seen graphic images of our nation and communities in pain and hurting.  This is so impactful to our entire community.  


At Lenski, we stand against racial injustice, and other discriminatory acts to ensure a safe, welcoming, loving environment for ALL of our students, staff, and community members.  In October of 2017, the LPS Board of Education adopted a Resolution of; “All Means All”.  This resolution announced our commitment to support all students ability to succeed by cultivating learning environments that are physically and emotionally safe and supportive, to embrace and value our diversity, and to act quickly to prevent and address any and all discrimination and harassment in our schools.  These are standards and expectations that guide our thinking about everything we do at Lenski.  


We will continue to implement our PBIS system to ensure we are teaching kindness, acceptance, resilience, and perspective taking.  We will continue to learn more and ensure we enter every opportunity with kindness in our hearts. 


All of this can be difficult topics to talk about with your children.  Here are some resources that are available to guide your thinking and discussions.

How to Talk to Your Kids about Race and Racism -

Talking About Race - National Geographic

Teaching Ideas and Resources to Help Students Understand the George Floyd Protests - New York Times

Engaging Young People in Conversations about Racism - Anti-Defamation League

Books to Teach Kids of All Ages About Racism - Chicago Parent Magazine

How White Parents Can Use Media to Raise Anti-Racist Kids - Common Sense Media

Kids Need to Talk About George Floyd, Protests, & Racism - USA Today

Teaching about Race, Racism & Police Violence - Teaching Tolerance 


As always, please reach out with any questions or concerns.  The entire Lenski staff is committed to ensuring our students are safe, loved, and accepted.  



Barbara DeSpain


Lenski Elementary School