Principal's Message

August/September Update

Dear Lenski Families,

Welcome back to the 2018-2019 school year.  I hope you had an amazing summer filled with adventure, moments of relaxation, and family bonding.  The Lenski staff and I are refreshed and ready to start this new year! This school year brings opportunities for making a positive difference in the lives of all our students, increasing love of learning, and fostering creativity.

    In order for your students to find academic success here at Lenski, it is important that they are in attendance every day possible.  Research has consistently proven that attendance is the keystone to academic success, and the success of our students is the primary concern of all Lenski staff.  Please do everything possible to get your child/children to school on time. We carefully monitor your child’s attendance and punctuality and we will be in contact with you if your child is absent more than 10 days.

Regular school hours at Lenski are 8 AM to 2:43 PM.  Wednesday start time is 9AM to allow time for teachers to participate in PLC's, Professional Learning Communities. PLC work allows for additional time for teachers to collaborate and plan to meet the needs of all students.

The start of school is an important time for safety reminders.  The attached Lenski Star details all our plans for keeping our children safe, arriving safely at school, and car rider information.  Additionally, please remember that Lenski is an allergy aware school. Parents, staff and students are asked to refrain from sending or eating peanuts or nuts or food items containing peanuts or nuts, with the exception of nut butters and nut products at lunch.  The lunch room staff will monitor to ensure students with nut products are sitting at the designated tables. With so many students presenting a variety of food allergies,we will ask parents to refrain from sending food items to celebrate birthdays or school events.  Please talk with your classroom teacher if you wish to find alternatives to food treats.

    The beginning of the school year is a time when parents and students often ask about cell phones at school. Parents have told us that they like their children to carry cell phones as a safety measure.  If you choose to send your child to school with a cell phone, please help us by reminding your student that cell phones are not to be out and must be turned off during the school day. Teachers will work with students so that they know recess, field trips, the bus and School Age Child Care are all part of school and thus cell phones are to remain in a backpack or pocket.

We are aware that there is new technology in the form of wrist phones used by elementary  students to communicate with emergency contacts. Please do not encourage your child to communicate directly with you via cell phone or wrist phone technology in the event of an illness or safety concern.  For their safety, it is expected that students communicate with their teacher and the office in these situations.

The Lenski staff is excited to continue and expand the PBIS  (positive behavior intervention system) work that began last year.  On August 20 our school will hold an assembly to create positive energy with many more activities to follow throughout the year. Our Behavior Matrix (Be Respectful, Be Responsible,Be Safe) outlines expectations we have for all students here at Lenski.  The goal is to create a positive, kind, and respectful environment where everyone feels safe and enjoys learning. These behaviors will be taught, supported and recognized by all staff members with tickets in each individual classroom, as well as school wide.  We encourage your reinforcement of these behavioral expectations at home too. The PBIS work is aligned with the LPS social emotional learning vision and the Second Step curriculum.

Classroom teachers and support staff have been planning for new and exciting STEAM and STEM activities.  They are working with the Technology Advisory Committee to bring back Engineering for Kids for a second week of Robotics.

    Safety and security for our students is top priority.  Beginning this year, Lenski and all Littleton Public School sites will be asking all volunteers to use the recently installed LPS Connect/Relatrix system which electronically produces a background check and visitor approval badge.

    Finally, a great celebration is the upgrade to the east playground.  We have removed the pea gravel and replaced it with engineered wood chips which will improve student safety on the playground.

Lenski is fortunate to have  wonderful support, positive relationships, and collaboration with our parents, community, and staff.  Together we make a great team. Thanks again for all you do!



Dr. Barbara DeSpain

Lois Lenski Elementary School, Principal


April/May Update

Hello Parents,

As the end of the school year approaches, I wanted to reach out and thank you for your support and multiple contributions.  Your support of the students and staff at Lenski has made a huge difference in making Lenski a school of opportunities for each child.

We are looking forward to field day on Monday, May 14.  Coach Wilson has worked to improve field day events.  The events have been shortened by 5 minutes, the breaks have been integrated into the event rotations and the long lunch has been removed from the schedule allowing all grades to get all events completed in a half day.  Staff and 5th graders are able to fill the volunteer positions leaving parents free to enjoy the day with their children. 

Thanks to the parents at Lenski for funding whiteboards in every classroom.  When you walk into your child’s classroom you will notice a lighter, brighter, more 21st century learning classroom experience.   The whiteboards create more usable space to clearly display directions, student learning outcomes, and schedules.  The magnetic feature allows teacher to display student work.

Our staff has been engaged in the process for selection of new hires.  I would like to announce the following new hires. Lydia Daugherty is the new office secretary.  She comes to us from Denver Public Schools with secretary and office experience.  She is a former Lenski parent having four children graduate from Lenski.  Michelle Ott is a wonderful addition to the Kindergarten team.  She taught preschool at Mission Hills for many years and has been a popular substitute teacher in Littleton Public Schools for the past few years.  Lisa Johnston will join the fifth grade team.  She comes to us from Denver Public Schools with experience in fifth grade.  Sophie Derkson is our new art teacher coming to Lenski from Runyon Elementary, Powell Middle School, and Ricks’s Center for Gifted Children.  Shawn Howley is the new evening custodian.  We believe Lenski students and parents will be delighted with these additions.

The Library Staff put in a fun filled weekend painting the library walls bright colors and redecorating with fun portable seating.  We have also updated the book selections.  Come by and check out the new look and new books in the library!

Lenski hosted a KIDPOWER workshop in April.  This parent-child workshop allowed a number of students in grades K-5 to learn everyday safety skills through an interactive approach.  Parents and children role-played scenarios together, which allowed them to practice newly learned skills at home.  Some of the topics covered in the four hour/two night event included how to:

  • Recognize and avoid potential danger

  • Deal with bullies

  • Set emotional boundaries

  • Move with awareness and confidence

  • Tell an adult and get help if needed 

We received overwhelmingly positive feedback from participants and will offer the workshop again in Spring 2019.For more detailed information on KIDPOWER please visit

I hope you have a fantastic end to the school year and an amazing summer break.  

Dr. DeSpain - Principal, Lenski Elementary School

March/April Update

Hello Lenski Parents - 
We hope you enjoyed a wonderful spring break.  As you know, Littleton Public Schools has invested significantly in the safety and security of our students, including the installation of a video doorbell at the front door and SACC entrance at Lenski.  Please do your part in helping us to keep students safe by taking the time to identify yourself and the purpose of your visit each and every time you enter Lenski by buzzing through the video doorbell system.  Please do not "tailgate"  or allow others to "tailgate" when entering the school.  Although you might be inclined to hold the door for someone else, it is important for our office staff to make every effort to speak to, and clear, every visitor to the school.  This is one thing we can all do in our community to help secure our school. 
Thank you for taking the time to help us with ensuring the security and safety of students and staff at Lenski. 
Dr. Barbara DeSpain
Principal, Lois Lenski Elementary School