Safety & Security

Some of Highland's Safety and Security Procedures

All of our exterior doors are locked.  These doors have Card Access only for LPS staff.  Our front door is unlocked immediately before and after school for arrival and dismissal.  Throughout the day and after school it is locked and entry is made possible through a Buzz-In system which is monitored (during school hours) by our office staff.  Prior to 7:15 am and after 3:45 pm, the front doors are not monitored by our Office Staff.  Please make prior arrangements for building access.  It is the responsibility of our After School enrichment leaders to escort all students out the front doors to be picked up by their parent or guardian for activities and clubs which finish after 3:45 pm.

All visitors/volunteers/parents coming through our front doors must check in with the office, even our district employees.  You will be given a visitor sticker that identifies you throughout the building and so that staff can quickly recognize you have properly checked into the school.  Individuals not having visible identification will be asked to return to the front office to check-in. Thank you, parents, for following this important security procedure.

We will continue to post staff members throughout the exterior of our building before school (after 7:35 am) and after school (until 2:45 pm).  Our staff will monitor the bus area, primary playground, intermediate playground, and the front drop off and pickup loop as well as the crosswalk at our parking lot entrance/exit.

Staff members with supervision duties have radio access to our office at all times. All of our staff also display LPS Identification Tags, either on a lanyard or their person.

As a school, we conduct monthly safety drills, including: Fire Drills, Tornado Drills, Secured Perimeter and Lock-Down Drills

Our Building Crisis Team conducts Table Top Drills twice a year where we review our roles and responses to various security and safety scenarios. We have immediate access to LPS District Security as well as School Resource Officers (SROs) from nearby High Schools and Middle Schools.