1. Please call the attendance line at 303-734-5500 FOR ALL ABSENCES (illness, routine doctor appointments, etc).
  2. Complete this form if you are reporting ANY ILLNESS or a COVID-19 positive case/exposure:

Illness and COVID-19 Exposure Form

  1. Por favor llame a la línea de asistencia al 303-734-5500 PARA TODAS LAS AUSENCIAS (enfermedades, citas médicas de rutina, etc).
  2. Complete este formulario si está reportando CUALQUIER ENFERMEDAD o un caso/exposición positiva de COVID-19:

Formulario de Enfermedad y Exposición al  COVID-19


Student Absences

By request of parents and schools across LPS, there are attendance guidelines in place to help create consistency among schools and grade levels. The guidelines were developed by the district truancy and school engagement experts and in accordance with policies that are utilized across the nation. 


We know that students need to be in their schools to maximize their education. We also know that it is difficult for teachers to keep trying to “catch students up” when they miss a lot of class, and make-up work never truly replaces time in class. Did you know that by third grade, the higher the number of days a student misses school is correlated to likelihood that the student will not graduate from high school? Attendance is pivotal, and it is essential to build strong attendance habits early so students are able to be successful in middle and high school when the academic workload is higher. 


The new guidelines are as follows: If your student misses 5 days of school, there will be a call from the school to make sure you are aware that your student has missed a full week of school. If your student misses 8 days of school, we will ask that any remaining days missed have a doctors’ note. If your student misses 10 days of school, we will have a solution-finding meeting to develop an attendance plan. If there are challenges with consistent attendance, LPS has a lot of resources we can utilize to help families. 


Our hopes is that this brings clarity to our community regarding attendance. LPS students on average only miss three days per school year, and we are confident that contributes to what has allowed LPS to consistently maintain high academic achievement. 


The take-away -- we want your kids here at school! Each member of our school community is important and we work better when we all work together.