Accountability Committee - HAC

What is HAC?

Our Highland Accountability Committee is composed of parents, community representatives, and staff members that work together toward school improvements at the school level. This is achieved through the process of school-centered decision making. Successful goals in education are the result of careful planning.

The purpose of the Highland Accountability Committee is to work to establish and monitor our building goals as well as the plans to achieve them. In addition, Accountability Committee members may take active roles as members of study teams working in depth on specific areas of the plans that welcome the input of parents, staff, and community members. The work of the committee is in compliance with the State of Colorado accountability requirement. It is the goal of the Accountability Committee to assure that all of our attendance zones are represented. Membership on the committee is a two-year commitment.

Meeting Dates

Accountability Meeting Dates for 21-22,
All meetings will be from 6-7pm

Monday, September 13 
Monday, October 11,
Monday, November 8
Monday, January 10
Monday, February 14
Monday, March 14
Monday, April 11

October 11

2021-22 Topics of Conversation

UIP - social emotional goals/community connection
Policies, Procedures, and Programs

2021-22 Members

Leslie Dominick, Principal
Melissa Hubbard Bramgartner, Asst. Princ.
Brice Lingle (DAC representative)
Jim O'Donnell
Emily Eisenbaum
Lisa Banks
Tami Kailey
Allison Burn
Phebe Condon (neighborhood rep)