Wireless Network

PODNet supplies wireless access throughout building

In November of 2007, Heritage opened its Personally-Owned Device Network, also known as PODNet. This LPS-supported wireless network allows parents, students, staff and other community members within the building to access the internet via their personally-owned devices. 

Because PODNet is configured differently than the district’s LPS-1 wireless network (designated for district-owned devices), PODNet users will not be able to access district printers. However, they will be able to access web-based services like Campus Portal, Google, Discovery Education, Agile Minds and many other on-line resources. In addition, because the PODNet is a district-supported network, internet access will be filtered just as it is for our wired computers. 

There is no authentication or encryption codes needed to access PODNet. However, users are expected to use the wireless network responsibly and legally and in accordance with district policies. By using the wireless network users agree to the following terms:

  • Littleton Public Schools will not be held liable for any damage that may occur as a result of connecting to the LPS PODNet Wireless Network or any electrical power source.
  • Littleton Public Schools will not be held responsible for any physical damage, loss or theft of the personally-owned device.
  • The LPS Wireless Network will provide filtered Internet access and related web-based services only.
  • Littleton Public Schools reserves the right to inspect, at any time, any personally-owned device while connected to the LPS PODNet Wireless Network. Any other inspection of any personally-owned device is subject to the requirements set forth in the Student Code of Conduct.
  • Personally-owned devices will only be connected to the network at designated locations.
  • Littleton Public Schools will not be obligated to supply electrical power access where such access does not already exist. 
  • Student use of personally-owned devices in the classroom setting will be at the discretion of the instructor.
  • Persons connecting computers to the LPS PODNet Wireless Network agree to maintain current anti-virus software enabled on their computers.
  • Illegal, destructive, harmful or any other inappropriate activities, including, but not limited to computer hacking, cyber-bullying, accessing offensive/obscene materials, and engaging in illegal activity are strictly prohibited as set forth in District policies. You can find these policies as well as other online resources on the district's Cybersafety page
  • The parents and/or guardians of any student bringing personal technology to school agree to be responsible for and to reimburse Littleton Public Schools for any damage that their student may cause arising out of and relating to the use of the LPS PODNet Wireless Network with his/her personally-owned device.