General Information-Students


Can I park in the student lot for free?
No. Students need to have a current parking permit displayed in the passenger inside window of their car to park in the school lot. Parking is permitted at the Seventh Day Adventist Church for students without permits. Campus supervisors will ticket student cars that do not appropriately display a current permit in the student lots. Permit distribution is managed by Ms. James in the Main Office. In order to receive a parking permit, students need to have already paid for the permit through the bookkeeping office ($50/year, $25/for second semester only) and all other fees and fines must be paid. Students need to bring the following with them to get a parking permit:

Do I need to have a laptop, Chromebook or other wireless device for my classes?
While Heritage is not a 1-to-1 computing school yet, we are working towards that goal, especially as more and more of our textbooks are replaced with online resources. Currently, students use Discovery Education in many of their science classes, the math department uses Agile Minds and by next year all of our foreign language texts will be online. In addition, every LPS student is issued a Google Apps account to use for communication with their teachers and for creation and storage of their school work. Because of this, the majority of our classrooms are equipped with Chromebook carts to enhance the learning environment. Thus, while students are not required to bring a device to school, it is highly encouraged. 

Are student required to use any special software for papers or other school work?
Students are encouraged to use Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and/or Sites for much of their school work since it is auto-saved, because students have the flexibility of working collaboratively with their peers and because it can be accessed from any networked or wireless device. Documents can also be shared with teachers or fellow students or emailed to them using their Google accounts. Student accounts also include links to resources like EasyBib, LucidChart, Google Calendar and Google Bookmarks. There is a link to Google from the HHS home page. Google accounts are active as long as students are enrolled in LPS. When students leave or graduate, they must download their information if they want to retain it. Here are the directions for this process.

Are there any other accounts I need to be aware of?
Every student also has an Campus Portal account which allows them access to current grades, attendance, fees and reports. It also includes a security utility called Account Management. All students are encouraged to set up their Account Management since this utility gives them the power to reset their password should they ever forget it. Students can also download the Campus Portal app to their mobile device so they can check grades on their smartphones. Directions for Account Management and for the mobile app can be found here.

Heritage also has its own mobile app called the Go Heritage app. This app allows students to receive HHS news, keep track of their class assignments, get sports scores, view a calendar of events and link to other Quick Links. Download the Go Heritage app from the appropriate smartphone app store. It's free!

How can I contact someone at Heritage?
The main office number is 303-347-7600. This will get you the receptionist who can answer your question or connect you with someone who can. You can also call teachers or staff members directly by using their departmental numbers or voice mail numbers.  To get a listing of these numbers, go to the Alpha Staff Directory page. Students are encouraged to use their Google accounts as their academic email for communication with staff.

What school supplies do I need?
School supply lists are not provided at the high school level.. If teachers require specific supplies for their classes, they will inform students during the first week of classes. Suggestions for general supplies to start the year include a spiral notebook with pockets, #2 pencils, and pens.

What should I do if I have a problem with my schedule?
When schedules are posted on Infinite Campus for the upcoming semester, students can download the Schedule Correction Form from the website, or come to the counseling office and pick up a form.  Corrections will only be made for level-placement or scheduling errors.  Counselors may not be available to meet with students individually concerning their schedules.  Please note that a parent signature is required.

What should I do during my unscheduled periods?
Students are encouraged to spend unscheduled time in a productive manner, meeting with teachers, doing homework, working with classmates or taking care of other academic matters such as meeting with counselors, getting testing information or meeting with college representatives. Teacher offices are located in centralized locations on each floor, with math, science and world languages sharing office space on the third floor; language arts, social studies, theatre, instrumental and vocal music, and physical education on the second floor; and business, technology, consumer family studies, art and special education on the first. Students can also go to the Student Center or relax around campus within departmental resource centers, in the library or outside on campus grounds. Please note that resource areas and the library are considered quiet study areas.

Why do I need to always carry my student ID?
Students are asked to have their IDs with them for security reasons and for easy identification. Additionally, students need their student IDs to check out materials in the library. Students also need to show their student IDs in order to purchase away game tickets and to be allowed into HHS sporting events (provided they have purchased an activity ticket).

Does Heritage provide an activity bus in case I want to stay after school but don't have transportation home?
No. Activity buses are NOT provided to the high schools to cover after-school activities. Students must provide their own transportation.