Student Services/Counselors

The Student Services Office is the home of our counselors, clinic, attendance, scheduling, and SRO (Student Resource Officer). Our Attendance Secretary, Mrs. Fordham takes care of making sure students are in class while our Registrar, Mrs. Fitchett, handles all student scheduling and Mrs. Bock takes care of our students when they aren't quite feeling 100%. Officer Derek LaVelle is our SRO, connecting with students and keeping us safe.

Our counseling team of Mr. Sikora, Mrs. Schoonover, and Mrs. Lehman head up a multitude of programs that help students to develop a growth mindset as well as building up our seven strengths (grit, optimism, gratitude, self control, social intelligence, zest, and curiosity). They are also available to students and families when things aren't going as well as they can be.

Together the Student Services Team helps support all Goddard Students by providing social and emotional guidance while the teachers provide academic support.

Student Services Website