What Parents Say


“Franklin does an excellent job of recognizing each student as an individual learner. The curriculum, teaching styles and leadership is not one size fits all.  Franklin promotes creativity, divergent thinking and innovation in its teaching and learning philosophy. The school is committed to making sure that every child has the resources and support to succeed.”  


“Franklin strives to develop academic scholars, young people who meet and exceed high academic standards.  At the same time, Franklin is deeply invested in nurturing and guiding our children to become well rounded human beings who embrace life-long learning.  Character and being a good person are just as important as academic rigor and being a successful student.”


“As a parent, I love that Franklin promotes and develops leadership at all levels, from students and teachers to staff and parents.  There are always opportunities to be more involved and for each person to shine.”


“I think it’s the caring and collaborative nature of the staff and the community that make Franklin special.  Whenever someone has a concern or a problem, everybody joins in to try to help solve the problem.  The staff truly cares about the entire well-being of the students.”


“Franklin provides a well-rounded education that includes not only core subjects but also development of the whole child.   Franklin impresses upon children important values and character traits to help develop not only the student but also the developing person.” 

“My second grader described it perfectly - "everyone does work that is 'just right' for them."  This concept is applied not only to the ends of the spectrum but all in between.  This creates a challenging environment for each individual student.   More importantly, placing the emphasis on 'just right' helps remove any stigma within the classroom.”


“Franklin is special because of the strong relationships between staff, students and parents.   The Franklin community embraces staff, students and parents and the important role each plays in providing a strong academic, safe and fulfilling environment for the young child.”


“Franklin is a strong community of students, parents, staff, and community members.  The school offers a safe, nurturing, rigorous, joyful and welcoming environment for learning.”


Quotes taken from parents serving on the Franklin Accountability Committee (FAC)