School Assessments

At Littleton Public Schools (LPS), assessment plays a vital role in measuring student performance and is often a major factor in shaping public perception about the quality of our schools. Assessment results are used to help improve teaching and learning, and to evaluate programs and schools. Assessment is also used to generate the data on which policy decisions are made. Why do we have tests? This is the most fundamental question in educational assessment, and it has multiple answers. Assessment is used to:

  • Monitor educational systems for public accountability
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of instructional practices
  • Measure student achievement
  • Evaluate students' mastery of skills

Given the different uses for assessment, it is critical for educators to select the appropriate types of tests. At LPS, there are several types of assessments used to help gather information about student learning. Besides classroom-based assessment tests, LPS conducts several large-scale assessments on a districtwide basis. The Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) assessment is a computer adaptive test designed to give teachers real-time instructional information on students as well a national comparison.  The Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS) is a state-mandated testing program, which measures students knowledge against state standards. The American College of Testing (ACT) assessment given in the 11th grade is a state mandated testing program.

The links shown above and to the left provide more detailed information on each of these testing programs, as well as test results demonstrating how well students performed on each assessment. Assessment results are updated annually as scores become available. MAP results are posted after the current school year has ended.

The assessment department directs all district large-scale testing. Department staff train and assist teachers and school administrators to analyze and use assessment data to support continuous improvement of student achievement.

In compliance with the federal No Child Left Behind Act requirements, complete district CSAP/TCAP disaggregated and four-year trend data for reading, math,writing, and science for 2011 through 2014 are now available.