Physical Education

Jason Troth
Welcome to P.E. !
I am excited to get everyone moving this 2018-2019 school year!

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In The Gym:

Students have begun the school year participating in some team building and problem-solving games. They have been cooperating with others, while getting to know their classmates. Some of these activities will tie into our new "Patriot Pride, School Wide" at Franklin. Students will be getting into their squad group colors for the year as well.

Please make sure to have your children wear safe moving shoes on their PE days. No Crocs, flip flops, open toed sandals, or boots please. Students will have to sit out if they do not have proper footwear.

Kindergarten Corner:

Welcome Kindergarten Families!!

Kindergarten has begun the school year with an introduction to the gym environment, while participating in spatial awareness games.


The Patriot Promise:

"I promise to be RESPECTFUL and HONEST during games, activities and competitions here at Franklin.  If there is a conflict or argument between myself and others, I will use the following method to help make it right."


  • Can't  agree?  Use Rock, Paper, Scissors to settle it
  • No argument after that


  • Walk away - Calm down - Walk back


  • Talk about how you feel
  • Listen
  • When you can, get back in the game!