Arrival/Dismissal Procedures

Arrival/Dismissal General Guidelines

Franklin Elementary school hours are 7:45am-2:33pm
Drop off begins at 7:35am with pickup promptly at 2:33pm 

Franklin Student Drop Off Policy and Soft Start Information

Doors Open: 7:35am

First Bell: 7:45am

Tardy Bell: 7:50am

*Students are expected to be in their classroom and ready to begin their learning


Please click on the links below for the following: 

Traffic Flow Map for Car Riders

Map of Entrance Points & Release Points


Soft Start Information

  • The playground will be closed before school, and no morning supervision will be out on the playground. 

  • Students will enter through their designated grade level entrance point during the morning start time. Students will get their temperature checked before entering the building. Additional screening will occur inside the classroom along with immediate hand washing. This will take place beginning at 7:35am. Doors will close at 7:50am. Any student arriving after 7:50am will enter through the front of the building. All students will be temperature checked as they enter the classroom. (See attached map to determine your students entrance point)

  • Parents dropping off their students by car will be asked to use the car loop located in the front of the building. This is a drop off lane only, we ask that parents stay in their vehicle and students exit from the passenger side. Thank you for helping us keep the flow of traffic moving while ensuring our students are safely dropped off. 

  • After buses have departed, we will open up the bus lanes for car rider drop off. This lane will not open up until buses have departed. (morning and afternoon)

  • Parents will be asked to not park in the parking lot or use it as a drop off area.  This parking lot will be closed from 7:30-7:50 am and 2:30-2:50 pm daily. 

  • Students should not be dropped off before 7:35am.


Student Dismissal Policy and Staggered Release Information

There will be a staggered dismissal process to support physical distancing. Staff members will be supporting the dismissal process to support the safety and health of all students. 

  • 2:25 pm: Students attending SACC will be dismissed to the SACC program.

  • 2:30 pm: Students riding a bus will be dismissed.

  • 2:33 pm: Students who will be walking home from school will be dismissed.

  • 2:35 pm: Students being picked up through the car pick up loop will be dismissed.

    • Parents will be asked to stay in their vehicle while they wait for their student to be released to them. 

  • Any student dismissal changes must be done through the front office by 2:00pm. 





  • Soft Start: 7:35am

  • First Bell: 7:45am

  • Tardy Bell: 7:50am

  • Dismissal: 2:33pm (Staggered Release)


(Late Start - Every Wednesday)

  • Soft Start: 8:35am

  • First Bell: 8:45am

  • Tardy Bell: 8:50am

  • Dismissal: 2:33pm (Staggered Release)

Early Release 

(See calendar for these dates)

  • Soft Start: 7:35am

  • First Bell: 7:45am

  • Tardy Bell: 7:50am

  • Dismissal: 11:50pm (Staggered Release)

    • 11:45 SACC

    • 11:47 Bus

    • 11:50 Walkers

    • 11:52 Car