Arrival/Dismissal Procedures

Arrival/Dismissal General Guidelines

Franklin Elementary school hours are 7:45am-2:33pm
Drop off begins at 7:35am with pickup promptly at 2:33pm 


Drop Off:

  • Playground supervision begins at 7:35 am each morning.  Please plan accordingly.  If you need childcare before this time, you may contact Franklin Friends, our Before and After School Day Care Program at 303-347-4220.  Our first bell (line-up bell) rings out at 7:45 am. If your child arrives before 7:35am, there is no supervision and parents will be contacted. Again, please connect with Franklin Friends if you may need childcare. 

  • The east side of Franklin St. is for buses only – This is NOT a drop-off/pick-up zone.  If you are parking on the west side of Franklin Street, please have your child walk up to the crosswalk. U-turns are illegal in a school zone. Additionally, please be respectful of the homes on the west side of Franklin St and do not block driveways. 

  • Please drop students off in the circle drive at the front of the school (staff/volunteers on duty) or park and walk your child into the building. Students follow the main hallway and enter the playground through the cafeteria playground doors on the east and west side of the building.  Please do not drop off students in our parking lot area, as this is a safety concern.  

  • It is best if all cars travel westbound on E. Euclid Ave and enter the car rider drop off loop via a right-hand turn and exit with an additional right-hand turn back onto E. Euclid Ave. Please see the attached map for more details. U-turns out of the car rider loop are illegal and will be ticketed. 

  • In the circle drive, please pull forward to the end of the circle near the kindergarten playground. 

  • All parents need to stay in their car as there are staff/volunteers present to help children safely exit the vehicle. If your child requires you to help them out of the car, please park and walk them to the main door. 

  • All parents who walk their child(ren) to the door need to use a crosswalk. Crossing the car rider loop is prohibited. 

  • All parents must sign in and receive a visitor badge when entering the building in the morning or afternoon.

Pick Up:

  • Car Rider Pick Up Procedure: Students that are picked up in the car rider line wait for their ride by standing against the brick wall outside the kindergarten classrooms. Parents pull into the circle drive and remain in their vehicles. Teachers use walkie talkies to call students down to their car once it has arrived. Please pull to the front of the loop to wait for a staff member to assist your child into their vehicle. This procedure helps to increase safety and efficiency. 

  • Kindergarten parents only: If you pick up your child and are not using the circle drive process, please meet your child outside the southwest kindergarten gate by playground.  

  • Grades 1-5:   If your routine is to park and meet your child on school grounds, please plan to meet your child at the flag pole/main entrance area. Your child will exit the building through the main entrance. This area is separate from the car loading area and will help the stay-in-your-car/circle drive process move more quickly and safely.  

  • Main entrance/front lawn area: We ask students to practice safety by not climbing trees or fences out front, as this is not a playground area. We appreciate your supervision to maintain your child’s safety.  

The parking lot is an area we are instructing students to avoid. Stopping in the parking lot to pick-up/drop-off a child is prohibited. Please park in the lot only when you are entering the building for a meeting, etc. and will be escorting your child through the lot when arriving/leaving.