What is FAC

Our Franklin Accountability Committee (FAC) is a standing school committee made up of (6) parents, (1) PTO Parent Representative, (5) Certificated Staff members, (1) Classified Staff member, (1) non-parent community member, and the school Principal

The purpose of the committee is to provide advisory input into decisions made by the Principal in areas such as:

- the Unified Improvement Plan (UIP)
- annual school budget priorities
- school staffing plans
- significant school policies, procedures, and programs
- safety issues related to the school environment
- to fulfill the school’s accountability requirements under Colorado law.
- Attend and participate in FAC meetings
- Share information and serve as a positive community resource

A healthy and effective Accountability Committee contributes to one of Franklin’s most valuable resources:  a deep sense of community and connection.

Articles and Handouts

Meeting Dates

  • Monday, Sept 9 

  • Monday, Oct. 14

  • Monday Nov. 11

  • Monday, Dec 9

  • Monday, Jan 13

  • Monday, Feb 10

  • Monday, Mar 9

  • Monday, Apr 13

  • Monday, May 11


Who is FAC?

Members of FAC for 2019-2020:
Leslie Dominick, principal 
Melanie Kloos, Dean of Students
Sara Tierney, instructional coach
Shante Dalliapiazza, Certificated Teacher
Tami Kailey, Certified Teacher
Carole Johnson, Certificated Teacher
TBD, classified staff
Lindley McCrary, parent
Kelli Eastmond, parent
Andee Ebner, paren
Nicole Heim, parent
Mike Christoff, parent
Jocelyn Gilbert, parent
Niki Gewirtz, parent,
TBD, neighborhood representative