School Profile

The Explorative Pathways for Innovative Careers "EPIC" Campus is opening to high school students in August 2023. Students will come to the EPIC Campus for a portion of their school day, then return to their home high school for the remainder of their day.

The EPIC Campus will provide opportunities for students to earn content credit, concurrent enrollment, industry certifications, and work-based learning.


  • Aerospace - Robotics, engineering, and metal fabrication of autonomous vehicles (flight, ground, water)

  • Business and Entrepreneurship - Marketing, Business and Entrepreneurship

  • Computer Science - Information technology, cybersecurity, game design

  • Construction Trades - Residential and modular construction with an emphasis on planning, framing, electrical, plumbing, HVAC and finishing

  • Future Educator - 

  • Health Sciences - Nursing Assistant certification, medical terminology, mental health

  • Natural Resources - Horticulture, Water Ecology, landscaping

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Shared Vision of the Design Advisory Group for EPIC Campus

We see an exploratory environment where curiosity and risk-taking is encouraged, problem-solving is typical and collaboration is essential. We see a place that embraces diversity and divergent thinking. A place where learners, educators, and community members join together their combined resources and talents; empowering students to remain curious, acquire skills and knowledge, and take risks in learning all while maximizing opportunities, even through failure. We see augmented learning that is student-driven, project-focused and skills-based that promotes authentic engagement to solve real community issues in an inspiring, flexible, and transformational space that opens possibilities for 100% of LPS students.


Architectural rendering of EPIC's east building  

Architectural rendering of EPIC's west building