5th Grade Performance Class Requirement

Enroll in one of the following classes for the entire year:

  • Band (choose one): Brass - Percussion - Woodwinds
  • Advanced Band (Pre-requisite: Band as a 4th grader)
  • Centennial Singers
  • Adventures in Acting (formerly Shindigs with Shakespeare)
  • Piano 2 (This class is available only to those students who are continuing in their piano studies. Piano teacher approves these students as year-long candidates based on performance from previous years and proven ability to work independently and seriously.

Centennial has a limited number of instruments available for check out on a first-come, first serve basis. 

If you choose to rent from a music store, generally speaking those instruments will be newer, and some stores offer rent-to-own programs with insurance which could be beneficial for some families.

  • The above classes require a one-year commitment of two 40-minute group classes per week during the fine arts block. This still allows the student to select one additional arts class per semester.

Instruments will be checked out AFTER arts program begins in September.

The one-year commitment is for the parents as well as the student. Parents are responsible for checking out the instrument and encouraging their student to practice the instrument at least three times a week for 30 minutes each and bring it to class each time.