Returning Open Enrollees

Continued Open Enrollment

  • Open enrolled students continuing at the same school next year must complete an "Intent to Renew" form.  
  • Existing open enrolled students planning to move on to an LPS middle or high school must complete a new open enrollment application.
Will your child attend his/her current school next year?

Parents of resident and non resident open enrolled students must complete the "Intent to Renew" form annually. Students must remain in good standing to be considered for continued open enrollment.

Continued Open Enrollment Checklist 
  • Remain in good standing.
  • Complete “Intent to Renew” form issued by the school.
Is your child open enrolled and planning to move on to LPS middle or high school next year?

All level changes require a new open enrollment application. Parents will complete a new application when their child is changing levels from elementary to middle school or middle to high school.

School Level Change Checklist
  • Submit open enrollment form with required documentation to the middle or high school.
  • Once accepted, confirm your child’s place.
  • Attend middle/high school registration events.