Returning Open Enrollees

Continued Open Enrollment

  • Open enrolled students continuing at the same school next year must complete an "Intent to Renew" form.  
  • Existing open enrolled students planning to move on to an LPS middle or high school must complete a new open enrollment application.
Will your child attend his/her current school next year?

Yes? Parents of resident and non-resident students planning to attend their current school next year are asked to remain in good standing and complete an “intent renew form” yearly.

Continued Open Enrollment Checklist 
  • Remain in good standing.
  • Complete “Intent to Renew” form issued by the school.
  • Have a great year!
Is your child open enrolled and planning to move on to LPS middle or high school next year?

Yes, all level changes require a new open enrollment application. Parents will complete a new application when their child is changing levels from elementary to middle school or middle to high school.

School Level Change Checklist
  • Submit open enrollment form with required documentation to the middle or high school.
  • Once accepted, confirm your child’s place.
  • Attend middle/high school registration nights.