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Nutrition Services is Allergy Aware

Did you know LPS Nutrition Services is allergy aware? But what exactly does that mean?

This means that we work diligently with staff, parents and students to support those with food allergies. Nutrition services takes many different steps to help support these students.

These includes:

  • Provide safe food handling practices to avoid cross-contamination with potential allergens.
  • At the elementary level, we do not serve any foods with peanuts or tree nuts as an ingredient.
  • At the secondary level, any items containing peanuts and tree nuts are clearly labeled and pre-packaged to prevent cross contact.
  • Our interactive menus allow you to filter out food items that contain the top 8 allergens.
  • Our a la carte allergen guids (see below) identify the top 8 allergens and potential areas of cross contact during manufacturing.
  • We work closely with students and parents on developing special menus for their severe allergies. If your child has a food allergy or dietary disability, we can accommodate!  Please contact the Nutrition Services Director, Jessica Gould (jgould[at][dot]us or 303-347-3356), to discuss your student's options.
  • The Nutrition Services central office is available to help parents identify, in advance, foods that potentially contain allergens.  Food service staff is not responsible for notifying a student that an item contains a certain allergen at the point of service. Students are responsible for knowing which items that they can and cannot take.

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that products used in our kitchen have been manufactured in facilities that are free from allergens. Most of our manufacturers do not provide statements that food items are or are not produced in facilities that produce products containing nuts or other allergens.  That type of precautionary or advisory labeling is voluntary. However, all manufacturers in the US must follow current Good Manufacturing Practices as designated by the FDA, which help ensure food safety practices and reduce the potential of cross contamination for major allergens.


If you have any questions about allergens in food items we serve, please contact Jessica Gould (jgould[at][dot]us or 303-347-3356).


A La Carte Offerings in LPS

Did you know that the Nutrition Service department is self-funded?  This means that the money the department earns from selling food items to students, families and staff, as well as federal and state government funding, must cover the cost of food, salary & benefits for approximately 75 employees, equipment and other operational expenses.  

Nutrition Services will begin offering daily a la carte options at all grade levels.  These options will meet the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Smart Snack regulations and are compliant with the districts wellness guidelines.  Snacks will be provided in small portions and are formulated to be reduced in fat, sugar and sodium. Examples of options include granola bars, string cheese, whole grain cookies, baked chips, 100% sparkling juice, popcorn, reduced-sugar fruit snacks and ice cream. Click on the links below for nutrition and allergen information.

Beverage Nutrition Information

Beverage Allergen Information

Snack Nutrition Information

Snack Allergen Information

Families will still be able to regulate which items their student is allowed to purchase by filling out a Student Account Lunch Note form that is available below, from the kitchen manager, by contacting Nutrition Services, or at each schools’ back to school night.  Students, parents and staff will not be allowed to purchase a la carte items when their account does not have adequate funds to cover the cost of the item.

These daily a la carte offerings help the department cover operational costs, including remaining competitive in the job market and the ability to offer our employees wage increases aligned with the district.  Our goal is to continue to offer the best variety of healthy meals to our students daily ensuring that 100% of our students are successful.

Lunch Note Request Form 19-20

Meal Modifications

If your child has a food allergy or dietary disability, we can accommodate!  Please contact the Nutrition Services Director, Jessica Gould, to discuss your student's options.  

Jessica Gould

Medical Statement for Meal Modifications

Allergen Information

Does your student have food allergies?  We're here to help!  Our interactive menus and menu app allow you to filter out food items containing specific allergens, so you can help your student decide what is safe for them to eat.  Click the link below to go to our on-line menus or click the images to download the mobil app.  If you have any questions, please contact Jessica Gould, Nutrition Services Director.

LPS Intreractive On-line Menu


Jessica Gould

Now Hiring!

Looking for a part-time or substitute job that allows you to be at home when your family needs you there and gives you the oppurtunity to make a difference in the lives of LPS students?  Nutrition Services is now hiring for the 2018-2019 school year. We currently have openings for both permanent and substitute workers. Substitutes work as needed at all school locations.  Apply here!