Sophia Hermosillo – Options High School

Who’s your person? For dozens of students, it’s Sophia Hermosillo. They say she’s always there to lend a hand or a shoulder to lean on. A respected role model, she’s a perfect fit for Options’ Leadership team, working to create a positive culture at the school. Since middle school, Sophia has also been involved with Sources of Strength, a youth suicide prevention program that fosters strong connections between peers and adults. Outside of school, Sophia works in a restaurant five days a week and helps her grandmother deliver food with Nourish Meals on Wheels. She’s also involved with the American Indian Festival, allowing her to proudly promote her native American heritage. Sophia credits her mother’s encouragement and support for keeping her on track and she’s excited about her next step! She plans to attend Metropolitan State University and study psychology, which she hopes will allow her to help even more students in the future.