Sierra Garvey - Arapahoe High School

When it comes to perseverance and resilience, Sierra Garvey could teach us all a thing or two. Challenged with serious health issues that once seemed impossible to overcome, she’s learned to successfully manage them and move forward. As a transfer student during remote learning, she did her best to build community while online. Once able to attend in person, she found her footing (and her voice!) in choir.  Her music mastery includes playing piano for 12 years and teaching herself guitar, as well. In addition to her involvement with FBLA, FCCLA, and DECA, Sierra also enrolled in college-level online courses. With her counselor and teachers’ support and encouragement, she’s now planning for a future that previously seemed unattainable. Currently enrolled in LPS’ Teacher Cadet program, she’s been working with kindergartners twice a week. This fall, she’s off to the University of West Florida, where she hopes her degree will eventually lead to her very own first grade classroom.