Melina Quintana - HHS

Melina knew by 5th grade that she wanted to be a teacher and has been preparing ever since. Whether she is helping her younger siblings and cousins with their school work or working as an after-school aide, Melina has a determined focus on her future. She is a hard worker adding Concurrent College Enrollment classes in Early Childhood Education to her already full daily schedule at Heritage.

When asked what her friends will remember about her, she said with a smile that she’ll be the girl who was always in the library studying. As if she wasn’t busy enough, Melina is learning American Sign Language as well.

In addition to her academic schedule, Melina loved being involved in Key Club where she helped organize a blood drive and participated as well. She also has a love of writing poetry to help understand the world around her and on occasion loves to write a good short story thriller.

Melina feels well prepared by Heritage and credits Littleton Public Schools with instilling her with a strong work ethic which she’ll put to use next year at the University of Northern Colorado where she’ll study to be an Early Childhood Educator.

“She has an impressive work ethic, boundless curiosity, and is always striving to understand how the world works.”

“She has wonderful leadership skills, a strong moral and ethical compass, and works well collaboratively.”

Kelli Gloros-McCabe, Science Teacher, Heritage High School