Lauren Hutsch - HHS

Lauren has always wanted to be a teacher and loves being a part of the district’s Teacher Cadet program. Little did she know she would be able to be both a student and a teacher during this tumultuous year!  As a freshman, Lauren was enthusiastically greeted by Student Ambassadors, and feels fortunate staff members selected her to fill that role for others as a junior.  A born leader, Lauren’s had several opportunities to hone her skills by attending various leadership conferences. She’s involved in many activities both in and out of school, including competitive softball, FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America), Student Ambassadors, marine science programs, and more.  Lauren enjoys volunteering with the Unified Eagles program, which supports athletics for students with disabilities.  In fact, she showcased her photography skills by providing each student with their own “action” shot.  Through these experiences, Lauren’s developed an interest in mental health access for young people that she plans to pursue in college, along with teaching. Her enthusiasm and positive outlook will serve her well at Nova Southeastern University as a student in the Razor’s Edge Shark Teach program.  

“In short, Lauren embodies everything that Ambassadors stand for in service leadership and I believe that these personal strengths and her intelligence will take her far at the collegiate level. 

Jill Ricard, Heritage Ambassadors Coordinator and Language Arts Teacher