Grants for LPS Teachers - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to apply for a grant?
Any LPS staff who is directly serving LPS students

What can grant funding be used for?

  • Any student-centered experience, as long as the resources requested are directly consumed by, benefiting, or servicing LPS students
  • Any training or staff development associated with current LPS curriculum

Do I need to have my Principal or Program Director's approval?
Yes, any staff member applying for a grant must have written approval from the Principal or Program Director prior to submitting the grant request

Are there any things or items that are not covered in your grant program?
Yes, there are a few things/items listed below that will not be covered by our Grants to Teachers program:

  • Food and entertainment
  • Teacher re-certification
  • Personal enrichment course work
  • Travel expenses
  • Non-District supported technologies
  • Substitute fees
  • Field Trips
  • Capital campaigns
  • Before and after school programs
  • School or Booster clubs
  • Reimbursable expenses of any kind
  • Calssroom furntiure (due to Bond coverage)

Can I apply to the Grants to Teachers program for a program that needs sustainable funding year after year?
This program is not meant to provide sustainable funding year after year however, we would fund the first year of a project or program

How often can I apply?
Any LPS staff member may apply once per granting cycle

Can multiple staff members from the same school or program apply at the same time?
Yes, but each staff member must apply for a separate grant. Multiple staff members cannot apply for the same grant to boost funding

Will you accept my application if it is submitted after the published deadline?
No. Any application submitted after the deadline will not be accepted or considered

Can I apply for any funding amount?
A LPS staff  member may apply for any amount up to $1000. There are 50 of this grant level available, so be thorough in your application.

A PLC team can apply for any amount up to $2500, however there are only 10 of this grant level available, so be thorough in your application. These will be very competitive.

An entire building may apply for up to $5000, however there are only 5 of this level available, so be thorough in your application. These will be extremely competitive.

If I have matching dollars from another source, will that guarantee I will be awarded a grant from the LPS Foundation?
There are no guarantees that funding will be approved for your grant, even if you have matching funds. It would be helpful however, to state in your request that you do have matching funds secured for the project