Grants for LPS Teachers

Supporting Our Teachers Through LPSF Grants

The Littleton Public Schools Foundation is proud to support LPS teachers through our Grants to Teachers program. We are offering $65,000 in grant funding and encourage new and innovative ideas and practices that will enhance the already comprehensive learning opportunities within LPS schools. We believe teachers are the best assets and educational resources we have in educating our youth. Our goal is to fund teacher grant requests that inspire creativity, innovation, and enhances the educational experience for students across Littleton Public Schools. 

Grant Program Details

1.  Two granting cycles will be offered as follows, unless all funds are awarded in November 2020:

Application Deadline Notification Date For use in
October 16, 2020 November 10, 2020 Immediately
TBD TBD Fall 2021

2.  Grants will be awarded each semester to qualified applicants.

3.  Applicant's Principal or Program Director must approve the grant application.

4.  The maximum amount to request is $1,000. Any amount from $0 - $1,000 will be accepted.  

5.  Grants requests over $1,000 will not be considered.  

6.  Applicants should be thoughtful and provide complete information when applying.  

7.  Applications may be posted on our website or shared with donors, so please write in a manner that can be published.

8.  Budgets should be as accurate as possible and should take into consideration shipping costs.

9.  Following the implementation of the awarded grants, members of the Board of Directors for the Littleton Public Schools Foundation will want to visit the classroom to see their funding in action.

10.  Each applicant will be required to submit a progress report after completion of grant implementation.

Important Notes for Preparing a Grant Request

Guide to Help You Prepare Your Grant Request

The following items will not be covered or eligible for funding:

  •  Food and entertainment
  •  Teacher re-certification
  •  Personal enrichment course work (masters degree, etc)
  •  Travel expenses
  •  Non-District supported technologies
  •  Substitute fees
  •  Field Trips
  •  Programs that require sustainable funding from LPSF
  •  Capital campaigns
  •  Before or After school programs 
  •  School or booster clubs
  •  Reimbursable expenses of any kind
  • Classroom furniture (due to Bond coverage)