Get Involved

You can help Littleton Public Schools Foundation continue to raise needed funding for LPS schools. Your support will help the LPS Foundation further its mission of providing additional resources so each student in Littleton Public Schools receives a world class education.

Simply by donating or volunteering, your involvement makes a huge impact on education in Littleton!

For more information on how you can get involved, please call the LPS Foundation at 303-347-3479 or email us at LPSFinfo[at][dot]us


We welcome your help! There are so many ways for you to make a difference in the lives of students across our district, connect with our community and help the LPS Foundation broaden its impact.

We are always in need of help in the following areas:

If you have an area of expertise that you can share with us, please let us know. The more we utilize volunteers, the more financial support we give back to our neighborhood schools.

For more information, please call 303.347.3479 or email LPSFinfo[at][dot]us