Employee Giving - FAQ

Is this program mandatory?
No, it is an optional program that an employee opts into. All contributions are kept confidential and an employee only needs to opt in once to be enrolled in the program.

What happens if an employee wants to opt out?
At any time an employee participating in the monthly payroll deduction program can choose to opt out by contacting the Human Resources department and providing a 30 day written notice.

When can an employee enroll in the program and how?
Anytime! There is no enrollment start or end time. An employee can opt in anytime by simply filling out the online registration form located on the LPS Foundation’s website or on the Littleton Public Schools’ website under Human Resources.

In the past there was a paper form to fill out.  Can I still fill out a paper form for my records?
Yes, please contact the LPS Foundation and one will be provided.

Can financial gifts be donated through payroll deduction?
Yes. Employees can choose to give through a monthly payroll deduction. Once an employee opts in then the amount they specified will be deducted on a monthly basis from their paycheck.

Is there an option to make a one-time gift?
Yes, but not through payroll deduction. An employee can choose to make a one-time gift by personal check or credit card. Checks need to be made payable to the LPS Foundation and sent directly to the LPS Foundation. To donate by credit card, you can either call the LPS Foundation office (EXT. 3478) or visit their website (LPSFoundation.com) and click on the Donate Now button. Either option, please add a note that the gift is for the Employee Giving Campaign.

How much can an employee give through the monthly payroll deduction?  Is there a minimum or maximum?
It’s entirely up to the employee to decide the amount they want to contribute on a monthly basis. There is a $5 per month minimum. The form offers various amounts as well as a line to let the employee enter the amount they would like to contribute if not already listed. 

Are financial gifts tax-deductible?
Absolutely! 100% of the employee’s financial gift will be considered tax-deductible as no goods or services were traded or received. The LPS Foundation will provide annual letters to participants for tax reporting purposes.

How will the funds raised through this program be used to help LPS?
The LPS Foundation is the fundraising partner for Littleton Public Schools and providing financial assistance to the school district is our sole mission. The funds raised through the LPS Foundation stay in the district to provide financial support for various educational programs, grants to teachers, professional development, technology needs, STEM and health & wellness programs. We are committed to ensuring that the school district has what they need to provide a quality education to every student. 

Investing in the LPS Foundation as an employee, your gift directly impacts YOU and your craft as well as your colleagues, students, future and community.

How much does the LPS Foundation want to raise through this campaign?
Of the nearly 2,000 LPS employees, approximately 150 employees have participated in giving to the LPS Foundation generating nearly $20,000 in the last year. The goal this year is to have increased participation which would generate $25,000 or more. An example of impact... If every employee gave a one-time gift of $25, the program would generate $50,000 which would surely make a huge impact on support to the schools!