Employee Giving

LPS Employee Giving Program

Littleton Public Schools Foundation (LPSF) is the fundraising partner for Littleton Public Schools. Providing a quality education for every child is at the forefront of our purpose and we are committed to generating financial resources and building community relationships that enhance student and staff success in all of our neighborhood schools.

Tax-deductible gifts provide funding for classroom grants, technology needs, health & wellness programs, professional development and district-wide initiatives.

A 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in 1991, LPSF has contributed over $5 million to Littleton Public Schools impacting each and every school. In the past three years alone, LPSF has contributed over $1.5 million to help fund numerous educational projects and programs.

Investing in LPSF as an employee, your gift directly impacts the area closest to your heart: Your future, the students who benefit from your craft, your colleagues who work beside you, your community...YOU!

Why Invest in LPSF?

Why Invest in LPSF?

  • Your investment has a tangible impact: LPS has been Accredited with Distinction for 8 consecutive years. The Colorado Department of Education's highest achievement. This simply could not happen without the outstanding employees within Littleton Public Schools and the dedication and passion they share in educating kids.
  • Your investment has a wide reach: LPSF serves all of the district's 23 schools, numerous programs, and more than 15,000 students.  
  • Every student counts and is important!
  • LPSF is efficient and sustainable, with a 27-year track record of measurable and successful outcomes.
  • LPSF is built and sustained by the community; individuals, businesses, alumni, parents, LPS employees and others contribute to the success of our students through the LPS Foundation.

Who benefits?
Your tax-deductible investment will help Littleton Public Schools Foundation make a direct impact on students, teachers, and classrooms across the entire district!

Your Investment Dollars at Work

In July 2019, the LPS Foundation presented Superintendent Brian Ewert  with a check for $334,650 which represented the total amount of funds raised in the 2018-2019 school year and given to Littleton Public Schools in support of PTO partnerships, scholarships, grants to teachers, health & wellness programs, innovation and mental health resources.

Overview of Giving 2018-2019

School Supplies $2,500
Scholarships $5,000
PTO Partnership $7,000
INCubator Program $9,000
Health & Wellness $13,300
Grants to LPS Schools $23,700
Innovative Classroom Grants $40,000
The Village for Early Childhood Education $50,000
Innovation for LPS $55,000
Mental Health & Wellness $129,150
TOTAL $334,650

We support teachers!

Fifty-three (53) LPS teachers were awarded grants totaling $42,622 last year. Click here for details on how to apply for funding this year.

In addition, our financial support provided:

  • Grants to teachers to help pay for nearly anything needed in classrooms;
  • Professional development so teachers can continue to learn;
  • Mental health support so staff and students have the resources necessary to work through adversity;
  • Educational technologies such as desktop computers, Chromebooks, ipads, Smartboards, electronic scales, advanced calculators, 3D printers, laser engravers, software and cloud-based programs, Kindles, digital drawing tablets, sewing machines, microscopes;
  • Educational resources for reading, mathematics and science programs both online and print materials;
  • Wellness programs such as Playworks at all elementary schools, climbing walls, school gardens, spinning bikes, and food pantries;
  • District-wide initiatives and level programs.

We are proud of the events we host, The Stride and Spirit Celebration. They provide an opportunity for the LPS family of schools, administrators, parents, alumni and community to gather in support of Littleton Public Schools.